GiGa.GG: folder transfer made easy thanks to GiGa.GG software.

Dear GIGa users,

We’re about to release a software to help you upload/download entire folders.
The Beta version is available here (It’s only for Windows at the moment but the Mac version will be released very soon):


Number 1: Once the software is launched, a new icon (orange triangle) will appear in the systray.

Number 2: Right click on the new systray icon and select ‘Open GiGa’ to open your web browser. A new icon will be displayed next to your avatar picture. Refresh your browser if it does not show up.

Number 3: Click on the ‘My files’ menu to discover the files and folders saved on your computer.

Contact us through the customer service portal for any question:


GiGa.GG for Android now available in the Google Play Store

Enjoy your media from any Android mobile or tablet.

  • Invite your friends to find out what they share.
  • All video format are supported.
  • Download files on your device to enjoy them offline.
  • Chromecast streaming is available from the App player for any music or video file.


Google Play Store link:


The GG team

GiGa.GG is now available on iPhone & iPad!

Forget about iTunes to transfer your files, forget about video conversion tools, forget about the lack of free space on your mobile.

Th1_750x1334e GiGa.GG app offers a super easy solution to enjoy all your media files: copy your media library to the cloud ( and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

You can stream your files or even download them for offline use. All video formats are supported (each file is automatically converted to H.264/AAC) and there is no upload time if the file has already been uploaded by another user (over 4 million files are already available).


Get the GiGa.GG app now:

Happy DL