No increase in Gigatribe prices in 2023

Dear Gigatribe users,

We are pleased to announce that the prices of our file-sharing service will not be increased in 2023.

We understand that price stability is important to our users, and we are proud to have maintained competitive prices for many years.

Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback or suggestions via our customer support.

We thank you for your trust in Gigatribe and we are committed to continuing to provide you with a stable and secure file-sharing service.

Impact of Versions 3.6 on public and private chat messages

With the release of version 3.06, we have modified the internal management of chat messages. This change allows us to solve blocking problems that occur when the software launches (when the chat history is too large). Unfortunately the compatibility between the old and the new chat system is difficult to test because of the number of different versions and different operating systems out there. This is the reason why we have released several versions in the last few weeks. As soon as a majority of users use version 3.6, the stability of the software will be much easier to ensure. We thank you for your patience and we’re going to keep working on providing you with a better user experience.

The GigaTribe Team

An update on Gigatribe 3.5 developments

Dear GigaTribe users,

We are currently finalising Gigatribe 3.5 for Windows.
This version is available for testing from the Software page. It should soon become the official version.
For Mac users, version 3.5 is already the official version.
This version allows you to find other users, using the # hashtags that represent their interests.

We are also reviewing the website to bring it up to date.

We appreciate your feedback – via the blog and/or the customer support pages.

The Gigatribe team

Version 3.5 recalled for more testing

The release of version 3.5 highlighted stability issues that we did not detect during the Beta testing phase.
We have decided to remove version 3.5 from the official download links, allowing it for individual testing only.
Corrections are therefore going to continue on version 3.5. We will soon release a version that will allow users to send a complete error report in the event of a crash or disconnection.
Thanks for your feedback, which helps us to improve Gigatribe!

New GigaTribe Version 3.5.23 !

It’s official, a new version of Gigatribe is now available. It can be downloaded here on our homepage:
This version fixes many bugs and allows you to search for other users using #keywords. The keywords match the interests indicated by each user.
  • To enter your interests, edit your profile directly from the software and enter your keywords.
  • To find other users, click on a keyword from a profile page or go through the software’s user search.
















Feel free to send us your comments!

Happy sharing!

Tribes are gone, long live to the keywords

The site, which used to allow you to join tribes – and also create your own – is no longer accessible: the server’s hard disk has totally broken down with no possibility of recovering its contents.
The data linked to the tribes and the members of the tribes has been saved but the gigatribehub website (the pages for tribe creation, search, invites, etc.) are lost unfortunately :-(.
Tribes allowed you to create lists of users according to areas of interest.
We decided to facilitate the search according to areas of interest, without having to go through tribes:
Each user will be able to indicate his or her own interests using keywords: #home-learning, #highschool, #JapaneseFilms, etc.
The choice of keywords and the search for users by keywords will be done directly within the Gigatribe software.
Each user will therefore be able to directly find new contacts that match his or her interests, without having to leave the software.
We hope that you enjoy this awesome new feature (precipitated by the loss of the server).
Very best regards,
The GigaTribe Team