EasyConnect Servers Maintenance

Dear Gigatribe Users,

On Monday 28th February our servers Easyconnect will be out of service because of maintenance and it may last all the day.You may have some problems of disconnection or connection.
We are really sorry for this discomfort.

This is the first step for having our EasyConnect servers much more faster and stable.
We will inform you in advance for the next maintenance.

The maintenance will be extended during the week and servers replacement will be done progressively to avoid impacting the network.

Server issue February5 and February 9

On the night of Saturday, February 5 to Sunday, February 6, one of our servers was down. Some of you may have encountered difficulties to connect.
The problem is fixed on Sunday around 10am.
We are sorry for the inconvenience.


Again, the servers were not available during the past night. We are going to cut them for fixing the problem and make them operational as quickly as possible. We are going to install a new server to prevent that kind of issues.
So it is going to be not available for 2 hours.
We are really sorry about it and do our best to fix the problem as soon as possible
Thank you