The end of 2.52 version

We are going to block versions 2.52 on Wednesday.
We realize that some of you liked this version as it was very easy to use and also it proposed the multi-user discussion that is not yet available in version 3.
However this version was limited:
• It was only available for PC,
• the recently shared files did not display in different colors,
• A user could not belong to a different category at the same time.
Moreover, the file transfer protocol of version 2 was different from the version 3. For each evolution we had to maintain compatibility with the old protocol. Having version 2 and version 3 on the same network also has created some problems in the chat windows (public messages appeared in the private tab).
On Wednesday, September 21, users of version 2 will have to uninstall version2 and then reinstall the latest version of the current software. The version is available at:
We would like to mention that this modification does not affect on Premium or Ultimate users.

GigaTribe Team

Version 2.52 issues

Issues have been reported with version 2.52:
– 2.52 users can no longer accept invitation: it generates an error message saying the maximum limit has been reached.
– 2.52 users receive message from ***Admin*** that cannot be deleted.

We’re investigating to understand why these problems have appeared since 2 days.

If the investigation requires too much time we’ll probably block version 2.52 earlier than expected.

We’ll keep you posted.


Enjoy the Tribes

Dear Tribers,

Now you can create or join tribes directly from the GigaTribe website:
The tribes are lists of GigaTribe users who share the same interests or who are the members of the same community: friends, family, organization, company etc…

Once you are part of a tribe, you can invite other members to join your private network.
For example, if you want to share documents within your organization, simply create a tribe “My_Organization” and send the address of the tribe to other members of the organization:

Members of the organization must create a GigaTribe account and then ask to join the tribe. As soon as you have validated the request, the user will see the other members and may invite them in its own network.

There are 3 different tribes: public, private, secret

Access is free.
Tribe members are visible to anyone.
The tribe can be found through the search engine.
Access can be restricted.
Tribe members are only visible for other members.
The tribe can be found through the search engine.
Access is restricted.
Tribe members are only visible for other members.
Only those who know the exact tribe’s name can find the tribe.

Tribes replace existing themes.
The themes that were accessible from the private space have been transformed into tribes. These themes will disappear soon.

Information for 3.2 test version users
The 3.2 test version will be blocked soon and the tribes created with this test version will not be retained.
We would like to inform you that you have to create your tribes with the new system to keep using them.

Giga Team

GigaTribe News

Dear Tribers ,
We are very happy to inform our upcoming news:

GigaTribe 3.3 version will be available soon.
The priority of this version is to correct the existing problems.
One of the reasons why certain problems persist for several months is the use of different versions of GigaTribe: version 2.52, 3.0.20, 3.1.7, 3.2.4.
We will block all the existing versions and will replace them with a version 3.3.
This version is under development and will be released in the last quarter of 2011.
This version will be available for Windows and Mac.

Online tribes creation.
The tribes will allow to easily find users who share the same interests like you or who are in the same group as you: family, association, etc….
Any user can create a tribe and decide who can join to it.
The tribe members can see each other and send invitations to each other to join their private network.
The tribes will be available on our website in the end of September 2011.

The GigaTribe Team