Certificate renewal

The following error message currently appears on the giga.gg site:
“The connection is not secure”
The integrity of the site is not affected. The site’s certificate (its “electronic signature”) expired during the night and its renewal has not yet gone into effect. The service will be restored by tomorrow at the latest.
We apologize for this interruption of service – we’re doing everything we can to get the service running again as quickly as possible!
The GiGa team

GiGa.GG – End of the free version

As of August 10, 2016, the free version of GiGa.GG will no longer be available. The number of users has risen sharply over the last year, but the number of paying users remains insufficient to offset the costs associated with the service. We’re going to add a new offer – €1/month (100GB of storage, unlimited fast downloads, no streaming) – and the current Unlimited offer will also remain in place, unchanged.
Users who do not wish to subscribe to one of these offers can continue to download files until the end of October 2016.
We thank everyone who has joined GiGa.GG in this adventure and we hope that most of you will continue to stay on board with us.
Thank you for your support.




GiGa.GG: folder transfer made easy thanks to GiGa.GG software.

Dear GIGa users,

We’re about to release a software to help you upload/download entire folders.
The Beta version is available here :

Windows: https://giga.gg/rest/latestinstaller/alpha?type=main&os=windows-x86

Mac: https://giga.gg/rest/latestinstaller/alpha?type=main&os=apple-x64


Number 1: Once the software is launched, a new icon (orange triangle) will appear in the systray.

Number 2: Right click on the new systray icon and select ‘Open GiGa’ to open your web browser. A new icon will be displayed next to your avatar picture. Refresh your browser if it does not show up.

Number 3: Click on the ‘My files’ menu to discover the files and folders saved on your computer.

Contact us through the customer service portal for any question: https://giga.desk.com/customer/en/portal/articles.


GiGa.GG for Android now available in the Google Play Store

Enjoy your media from any Android mobile or tablet.

  • Invite your friends to find out what they share.
  • All video format are supported.
  • Download files on your device to enjoy them offline.
  • Chromecast streaming is available from the App player for any music or video file.


Google Play Store link:


The GG team

GiGa.GG is now available on iPhone & iPad!

Forget about iTunes to transfer your files, forget about video conversion tools, forget about the lack of free space on your mobile.

Th1_750x1334e GiGa.GG app offers a super easy solution to enjoy all your media files: copy your media library to the cloud (www.giga.gg) and enjoy it anytime, anywhere.

You can stream your files or even download them for offline use. All video formats are supported (each file is automatically converted to H.264/AAC) and there is no upload time if the file has already been uploaded by another user (over 4 million files are already available).


Get the GiGa.GG app now:


Happy DL

Free 1-year unlimited access to GiGa

This time limited offer has ended on January 20th.

Dear Tribers,
We’ve developped a new online file-sharing service (www.giga.gg) which will be available to everyone starting this January.

In order to thank all of the GigaTribe users who have made this development possible, we’re offering 1 year of unlimited access to all GigaTribe users.
Ultimate and Premium users will receive an extra bonus once the service goes live.


More information about GiGa is available here: