Alpha version available here

To make the download easier for everyone, we’ve decided to post a download link below.

Please keep in mind this is an alpha version, that means:
– They are still many bugs.
– The new graphic interface is only integrated at 40%
– Some features are missing (public chat for example)
– Alpha version 301 does not work well in EasyConnect mode.

The idea is to let you be part of the project by giving you the oportunity to see the steps of the software contruction.

You can send us your feedback on bugs at

GigaTribe version 301 alpha released

We’ve received many comments from people asking how to receive a test version, for Windows, Mac or Linux.
The only test version available so far is the Windows one. Mac will follow but not before a few weeks.

To receive the Windows test version, just send an email at

Version 301 has been released last sunday to people who had applied by email.
Version 301 is an alpha version, meaning:
–          some features are missing,
–          the new interface has not been fully integrated (about 50% only),
–          we’re aware of serious bugs that crash GigaTribe (any profile update for example).

Anyhow, you may share and download files, chat and blog.

We’ve released this alpha version to have your feedback, but please keep in mind it’s still an alpha.

Best Regards

GigaTribe Team

Version3 licensing

We’ve received a few emails from users asking whether they should pay for version3 whereas they already paid for version2.

Answer is no: no extra cost, no new user creation, no configuration change.

When you pay for GigaTribe Ultimate (or Premium), you get all the Ultimate features for any GigaTribe version. Your ultimate version is associated with your username, not with a specific version. You may install any version of GigaTribe, on any number of computers. It’s only when you login with your user name that we determine if Ultimate features are available or not.