PC Beta Version 3.06 released

A new beta has been released to fix a bug which was causing GigaTribe 3.05 to crash just after the connection if one of the following condition was fullfilled:
– You had no user in your network,
– You had a pending invitation.

This beta version 3.06 is available here : http://www.gigatribe.com/software/gigatribe_setup.exe

Inviter tool available from the private area

Many of you are already using webmails or social networks to keep in touch with your friends: Live messenger, Gmail, facebook, linked in…

An invitation tool is now available to help you invite your existing contacts within your GigaTribe network.
To send invitation with that new tool, connect to the private area with your username and password, then click on the tab “Invite your friends”.

Spread the word about your GigaTribe user name, the more contacts you have the more files you can download!

PC Beta Version 3.05 released

We just released a new beta version: 3.05

This release should be the last beta before the release candidate (RC1) schedulled for the begining of May.

This version offers the following features:

– Bug fixes
– The “search files” tool is available (You may only search files from users with version 2.52 or higher).
– You may select a group and see every shared folder for the entire group

Feel free to leave a comment here or send an email at contact@gigatribe.com.