Beta version3 update

Next Beta version will include the Web remote access.


When you share a folder with GigaTribe, you can decide if you want to download it’s content from a web browser, through the private area.

This feature will be available in next beta version 3.03

Booth at CES

GigaTribe is currently at Consumer Electronics Show 2009, Las Vegas.

Here is our booth at Sands expo, IP228.

Many People at the CES today  !!  Professionals,  end users and journalists.

We got many appointments with several media members today and hope to get more articles to expand market visibility here in the US.

This is also THE place to meet end users and get to know if  they feel comfortable with the product and if they understand our software amongst other competitors such as home servers, remote access software, and public file sharing software.

This helps us define what are our strong features are in the market. Some people say that we provide a “Facebook for your Hard Drive” and we think that this is a good way to define our product.

To be continued…