Dear Tribers

The test version 3.3 is not yet robust enough to replace the 3.1.7
We continue to improve it with your comments. We will release a new test version in January.
For 2012, we also expect an overhaul of the EasyConnect to transform it into real VPN that will make exchanges completely anonymous. We will take the opportunity to change the EasyConnect limitations: instead of cutting access after a certain number of days, the service will be available free for a certain volume of data downloaded each month.
All GigaTribe Team wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Happy Sharing!

Beta Version 3.03

Dear Tribers,

Here is the link to download the Beta1 version 3.03.
This version replaces the beta version 3.02.

The changes are:

  1. There is no longer crash when deleting a user.
  2. The discussion now appears in an independent window.
  3. In  connection options you can choose if you want to connect directly / exclusively EasyConnect /   Automatically  (Direct  then attempt EasyConnect).
  4.  Navigation in the form of tabs has disappeared.
  5.   Tribes created with versions 3.02 have disappeared, now you must use the tribes available from the website to create  user groups: http://www.gigatribe.com/en/search-a-tribe
  6. When you ban a user, you can choose to report him/her for sharing of illegal content (child pornography). We will review the user profiles whose nickname was reported several times to determine compliance with the terms of use of the software.

Moreover we know that there are still display problems on which we work. This is a beta version; it will not become an official version.

We thank those who will try to trace the encountered problems by writing to contact@gigatribe.com about 3.3 or responding to this post.

Giga Team


Friday December 9th

It seems that the addition of a new protocol that we wanted to test (to improve download speeds) has compromized integrity of downloaded files.
To avoid spreading corrupted files, we decided to suspend temporarily testing of this Beta version. We will release a new Beta version in the beginning of   next week.

We thank all beta testers whose feedback helped us to do quick improvements.