A new version of GigaTribe is available (3.00.020)

GigaTribe 3.00.020 is available to download.
This new version fixes multiple bugs, brings improvements and new features.

Here the list of the major enhancements provided by GigaTribe 3.00.020:
– Fix connection bug when GigaTribe is set to launch at start
– v2/v3 compatibility enhancements
– Queued transfers are better managed
– Maximizing GigaTribe windows does not cover Windows taskbar anymore
– User interface improvements
– Quick access to the search function
– Email notifications for invitation and acceptation

You can download GigaTribe 3.00.020 for free on our download page here.

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GigaTribe 3 public preview for Mac is available

GigaTribe 3 for Mac (build 3.00.020) is available to download as a public preview!

By installing GigaTribe 3 preview, please be aware that there are some bugs, and that the user interface is not Mac-friendly yet. Future improvements will be made when we start the beta-test.

GigaTribe for Mac was announced months ago. It has been long awaited by our user community; we hope you will like it.

GigaTribe 3 preview is built for Mac Intel only. Mac OS 10.4 or later is required.
GigaTribe 3 preview works well on Mac OS 10.6 Snow leopard.

GigaTribe 3 public preview for Mac is available only by clicking here.

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