Comments on version 3.08

Thank you all for your comments on version 3.08

Here are some answers to your questions and a few updates on next version:

  • Identified connexion issues have been fixed.
  • We’re working on the memory issue.
  • The Chat window will let you write to a single group or to a selection of users, just like in version2
  • Version2 settings are not imported in beta versions. We’ll work on it for the final release.
  • User interface is not final, we’ll post a screenshot of the new interface by the beginning of next week.
    The button on the left will be moved to the top. The Ultimate button won’t be displayed to Ultimate users.
  • We fixed the display bug with the contact list (list was closing it self when a users disconnected)

There are still many questions about the Mac version. We’ll keep on working on the Windows version until it’s final, we’ll then move to the Mac version. Version 3 is using the QT SDK which lets you compile the same source for either PC, Mac or Linux. We believe Mac version will follow PC version closely, at least in a beta version. Linux version is not our priority regarding the relatively small number of Linux end users but we see a great benefit in having GigaTribe running on a Linux server. It will be so convenient to install GigaTribe instead of a FTP server.

Thanks again for all your comments. Your feed back help us make version 3 better.

GigaTribe Team

Beta version 3.08 released

We just released beta version 3.08 for Windows.
All the V3 features are now available. We still have a few bugs to fix, the interface will improve as well but we’re very close to the final V3.
Please leave a comment here to let us know what you think about it.

GigaTribe team