Crash issues ? Contact us

If you have crash issues with GigaTribe, please send us your crash report produced by Windows.

To extract the report, follow this procedure (Windows Vista and Windows 7):
1. Start the Event Viewer (Start > search for “event” > launch “Event Viewer”)
2. In Event Viewer, on the left part, double click on “Windows Logs” and “Application”
3. An error should appears on the events list. Select the error.
4. Copy and Paste it as new comment on this blog post.
Don’t forget to provide the following information:
– how many contacts you have in GigaTribe?
– how many files where you downloading when GigaTribe crashed?
– what were you doing when GigaTribe crashed (nothing, chat, sharing new folder, start downloading file, inviting new people, accepting invitation etc…)

All those informations will help us build a better and more stable GigaTribe. Thanks for your help.

GigaTribe 3.01.002 beta is available

We just released a new version of GigaTribe.

Here is the list of the major enhancements provided by GigaTribe 3.01.002 bêta:
– email notifications improvements
– fix multiple crash issues
– fix disconnections problems
– fix invisible users problems
– fix multiple bugs related to the chat feature
– user creation is now online
– portuguese support

Feel free to post a comment about this new version.

You can download GigaTribe 3.01.002 beta now by clicking this link.

Please note: By installing this new version, all your chat images shortcuts will be lost.