Recruits friends to earn GigaPoints

GigaPoints are officially launched!

What are GigaPoints?

Starting today, the more you tell about GigaTribe, the more points you earn. GigaPoints allows you to buy new items on our virtual store, the GigaStore!

Moreover, each GigaPoint grants you a specific Title. Titles help you evaluate other users experience.

Find now how to earn GigaPoints on your Private space.

So! What is your title? Disciple? Master? Guru?…

Click here to access your Private Space and find out what is your Title

Back to Basics

Dear Tribers,

We have heard your requests/complaints about the direction we have taken in GigaTribe:
We have tried to make it more social and more opened but it has been considered as a threat from many of you.

We have decided to make a step back.

Here are the forthcoming evolutions:
– The report user feature will be removed – effective in next version.
– The people page will not be displayed in full unless you explicitly want to – effective in next version.
– The facebook application will only display your profile to your facebook friends – already effective.
– Your email is no longer required for creating a username (even if we encourage you to enter it) – already effective.
– The users list in the software news page will be moved to another place, outside of the software – effective in september.

EasyConnect servers in US

We just activated new EasyConnect servers in US. Now, all our american users will benefits of a better, faster and stronger connection using our EasyConnect service. Until today, all EasyConnect servers were based in France.

We remind you that the EasyConnect allows people to connect to GigaTribe from anywhere and with no router configuration. This service is part of the GigaTribe Ultimate license available at $29.95 a year or $4.99 a month. For Premium Life users, you can subscribe to the EasyConnect service at a special price.

For more information about the EasyConnect service click here.

To subscribe to GigaTribe Ultimate click here.