End of the EasyConnect tests

A new version of the EasyConnect/VPN service has been online since Thursday, July 5th (5:00 PM).
The bandwidth exchanged is identical to that of the previous service; we believe that its operation is now stable.
If you notice any malfunctions, please inform the customer service while providing a maximum amount of details: https://www.gigatribe.com/en/customer-care
The next step in this process will be to standardise all versions of Gigatribe so that only a single one remains.
Thank you for your patience.

End of the EasyConnect/VPN tests this week

Testing of the new version of the EasyConnect/VPN service will end this week. We will need to decide whether to keep this newer version or to go back to the previous one.
For now, the results – in terms of both speed and stability – are admitedly worse than with the old version.
After the end of these tests, we will work on a new version of the GigaTribe software, starting with an update of the Mac version (64bits).
The goal is to have a single version that works on both PC & Mac.

New Easy Connect/VPN being tested


We’ve developed a brand new service to replace the existing Easy Connect/VPN. We believe the new service will be more reliable and efficient.

We’ll start testing the new service this week, this will generate disconnection and short outages.

Thank you for your understanding.


Gigatribe Team

Connexion or bandwidth issue

We replaced the connection server in order to improve the overall performance.
Right now, the results haven’t quite met our expectations, so we’re going to pursue the testing phase.
These updates may cause outages that may require you to disconnect/reconnect in order for you to once again be connected with the members of your network.
If you experience inadvertent login difficulties or disconnections, do not change your settings.
Thank you for your understanding.