MAC version issues – Fixed –

The crash issues for Mac users has been fixed October 28.
We have also modify our EasyConnect server to make it more stable.

We are really sorry for this inconvenience. Because some Mac users couldn’t connect to GigaTribe for two weeks, we have decided to offer to all Ultimate Mac users 100 Gigapoints that allow them to get one free Ultimate month in the GigaStore.

Update on recent issues

We’re aware of repeated issues for the last days.
We’ve recently installed a new version of the server software managing the connections between users. This server crashes every 8h approximately. After each crash, users who have not been disconnected will be invisible to the others.
We’re working to fix this issue.
Even though we still need to fix significant bugs, we’ve confident that the new version will be way better than all the previous ones.
Thanks again for your patience.

3.04 Version

Dear users,

A new GigaTribe version has been released two weeks ago. You can download it here.

After a short period of test, this version works properly and it is stable in EasyConnect mode but it still has some issues with direct mode:
-We have noticed some incompatibility issues between the old version and the new one. You may have a persistant ‘Updating content’ message when you browse 3.01.007 contacts.
-We have also noticed some issues with direct connection like difficulties to see your contacts connected and or like no update of the public profil.

We are doing our best to fixe these issues as soon as possible. Until we have fixed the remaining issues, we have decided to give a free VPN EasyConnect access without restriction to all 3.04 users. This offer is only available with the 3.04 version.

Thank your patience