Personnal option to avoid redirection to the test servers

Dear GigaTribe users, since the test servers are generating frustration, we’ve add a button on your info page ( to avoid being redirected to the test servers.

The button won’t appear for Ultimate users since they are not redirected to the test servers.

This button will disappear when we release a version where you can select your connection mode (Direct/EasyConnect/Automatic).

Best Regards

EasyConnect: Test servers available for free users.

We want all users to be able to easily connect to GigaTribe, while giving those who subscribe to the “Ultimate” offer a premium service.
This is why we just modified the way the software works.
Free users will always be able to use the EasyConnect service, but they will be systematically routed through test servers.
The test servers will help us improve the existing service and prepare future evolution.
When tests will be over, EasyConnect will remain available to free users but with a limited amount of GB transfered.

One last thing, we’d like to remind you that validating your email address will bring you a free 1-month trial of the Ultimate version!

Best regards,

The GigaTribe team