EasyConnect (follow up)

Hi everyone,

Its our pleasure to inform you that EasyConnect keep on evolving .
Our new servers will be deployed today and tomorrow.

If you notice any abnormal function, please send us your comments at contact@gigatribe.com.

Thank you for your participation.

Server down

One of our server is currently down.
You may not create a new user nor connect to a webpage from the software.
We’re currently working on this issue.

We apologize for the inconvenience


GigaTribe Team

Concerning username change

Hi everyone,

As the requests for Username change are multiplying we would like to clarify our position on this point:

Technically it is very easy to change a usernames. However if a user changes the username, his/her old username will be replaced with the new one so it will appear as an unknown username in all his/her contact’s network.

To avoid all kind of misunderstandings, we chose not to change usernames.

I would like to remind you that it is possible at any time to create a new user account from the login page!
Thank you in advance