Connexion issue [fixed]

Sat. September 22,

The server database is flooded.
Some users may receive an eror message when trying to connect.
We’re working on the problem.

Mon. September 24th,

Database server is still under maintenance.
We are working as fast as possible to fix this issue.

Monday, September 24 – 5:47:24 p.m.(GMT + 0:00)

Database is still under maintenance but it’s starting to accept connection again.

Tuesday, September 25 – 8:00 a.m.(GMT + 0:00)

Database has been modified. We are still watching it.
However, All connections issues should be fixed now.
All Ultimate users will get compensation for these last days issues.
100 GigaPoints will be given to all Ultimate users.
You can get a free one month Ultimate license in the GigaStore with your GigaPoints.

GigaTribe Beta Version 3.4

Beta version 3.4 available for testing
Who shall use version 3.4 Beta?
Beta version 3.4 is not a final release, there may still have bugs, translations issues, etc…
Beta version is for users willing to help GigaTribe release a better version. Bug detected during beta test will be fixed before releasing a final version.

Joining the Beta test
Beta version is available for download here :
The tests will focus on the performance and stability of this version. Problems occuring between a Beta version and an older version will not be handled (for example users  appearing disconnected with version 3.1.7).
If 2 users using version 3.4 do not see each other, we will investigate to fix the problem.You may find other beta tester by joining the Tribe :
To report a bug, use exclusively the following link:

What’s new in version 3.4
Bugs Fixed

  • There should be no more users appearing disconnected while they are both connected. It only works for users with version 3.4.
  • The error message ‘ERROR_CANNOT LISTEN’ won’t appear anymore for users with EasyConnect/VPN.


  • Connection between the GigaTribe software and the database now uses SSL encryption.


  • Any user connected with EasyConnect/VPN will transfer every file though our EasyConnect/VPN. This way, the IP address of EasyConnect users will remain anonymous, even for their contacts using direct connection.
  • Connection mode can be selected from the network settings.
  • EasyConnect/VPN transfer speed has been improved.
  • Users connected with EasyConnect/VPN have their name displayed in blue.