Version 3 improvements

Thanks to users comments, we’ve made the folowing chages:

– Each user has its own chat window, with all the features available in most advanced IM software: you can drag and drop images, use emoticons, shortcuts…

– A private blog is available to your contacts.

– Same contacts can be in different groups.

– Shared items (folders and files) can be customized with a comment, picture, and ranking.

– Files recently added are flagged as “new” to help you check for updates easily.

– Personal information can be added to your profile to describe your tastes, just like with a social network.


The most obvious change will probably be the new user interface: Here is a screen shot of version 3 network tab.



Here is a zoom on the folder window.

About Mac version

We’ve been announcing GigaTribe Mac version for a long time now. The good news is, yes, there will be a Mac version. Version 3, released for CES in January, has been developed using a cross-platform application framework. It means once the application is running, we’ll be able to deploy it across many desktop and embedded operating systems without rewriting the source code. In practice, we’ll deploy the Windows version first and a Mac beta version will soon follow. The official Mac version will probably take a few extra months, as we need to make sure the Mac beta testers are sending positive feedback.

To apply for the Mac beta version, just send an email to with “Mac Beta version” in the object field.