GigaTribe 3.18

We just released GigaTribe 3.18

Here is the list of the major changes:
– multiple bugs fixes
– minor GUI corrections
– folder browsing improvements (faster, better)
– search improvements
– search button added
– connection type is now indicated (direct connection or EasyConnect)

In GigaTribe 3.18 you have the ability to find new tribers and invite them directly from the GigaTribe interface, in your News tab.
If you want your profile to be published and let other tribers invite you, just check “Display my public profile” by editing your profile. Screenshots are coming…

Click here to access our download page!

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News from GigaTribe 3.18

We are working on 3.18, to be released hopefully within the next few days.
As usual, GigaTribe 3.18 will fix multiple bugs. We will add Italian localization as well.

With GigaTribe 3.18, web communities will have the opportunity to create their own custom version of GigaTribe!
For more info about GigaTribe customized versions and to find out how to create yours, click here!

GigaTribe 3.17 enhancements

Here is the list of the major bug fixes/enhancements provided by version 3.17

  • Fixed a crash that occurred when deleting video transfers being previewed.
  • You may now select multiple files in the transfers tab.
  • The “Send now” feature is working again.
  • Modifying the transfer options no longer interfere any more with transfers in progress.
  • Fixed a bug with customized emoticons.
  • The transfer option “Do not limit the upload speed when I am away” is working again.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented users from sending invitations from the ‘people’ pages.
  • Folder shared with write access could receive files but could not receive an entire folder: fixed.
  • EasyConnect fault recovery has been improved.
  • The personal message length has been extended.
  • Main user icons and contact icons now have different colors.
  • When switching to another language, the selected language is now displayed properly.

We are aware some points can still be improved, please keep on sending us your feed back.

GigaTribe team