Suspension of Beta version 3.2.4


After one day of testing, we are really sorry to announce that the last version has serious incompatibilities with the previous one.This version is developed to function only in a network composed of version 3.2.x

As we do not want to suspend the previous version , we decided to stop the public Beta-test.

Anyone who would like to test this version in the restricted network just let us know at


Giga Team

BETA 3.2.4

Hey there

We are happy to announce that the Beta version 3.2.4 is available and has a lot of perks.

A multi-discussion system: now you can write to your differents contacts as many as you want at the same time.
An intuitive navigation with no tabs
Tribus introduction: Create your own Tribu and choose people whom you would like to see in it .All members of the same Tribu are automatically connected to each other.
Download here

3.2.4. is a test version and now we do not have the exact date of the final version.

3.2.4 version’s invitations are not compatible with the invitations of the previous version.You have to log out and then log in in order to receive the invitations.

Do not hesitate to send us your feedback at

Giga Team

Download here

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