3.04.001 version & EasyConnect server issues

Dear users,

Since Friday we have encountered a lot of issues between the alst version and our EasyConnect servers. You may have been disconnected from GigaTribe and maybe you can’t see yout contacts.

We are aware of this issues and:

-This last three days we have worked as fast as possible to release a new version.
-We still working on the EasyConnect protocol to stabilize it.

We are really sorry for the incovenience, thank you for your patience.

3.04.001 version release

Dear users,

A new version has been released today: 3.04.001
All previous 3.04.000 versions will be suspended.
We are really sorry for this but all 3.04.000 user will be disconnected.
However, you just need to download the last version and then connect.

This version should fix issues between:

– Direct connect and EasyConnect users.
– Direct connect 3.01.007 and EasyConnect users.

December 05 – Under Maintenance

Maintenance is now finished.
We’re sorry for the incidents we’ve faced during the last weeks.
We’re doing our best to improve GigaTribe and deliver a reliable service.

Best Regards

Dear users,

Our main database crashed. we’re restoring a backup version created a few hours before the incident.
Everyone at GigaTribe is working to fix the problem as fast as possible.

Thank you for your patience.

December 05 – Unscheduled maintenance

Dear user,

You may have experienced some issues with invitations ( send invitation and accepte invitation).
We are working now on our DataBase in order to prepare the suspension of all old versions and release the new version in the best conditions.
Tomorrow, all our services will be temporarilly suspended: Website and GigaTribe software will be unavailable.

We are sorry for this inconvenience. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Suspension of 3.01.006 & 3.01.007 versions

Dear Users

As you may know, a new version 3.04.00 is available since few month. Several builds has been released in order to propose the most stable and reliable version.
To fix the remaining issues, we have decided to suspend all old versions. This will be effective tomorrow.

We advise you to update your version right now for the 3.04.000 version (#5757).
Once you have downloaded it, Disconnect from GigaTribe and quit. Then, you just have to install the new version.