GigaTribe internationalization

GigaTribe 3 is available in english, french and soon in spanish.

We always need new translators to help with localization of GigaTribe. If you want to make a translation for a new language, please read the howto here.

If you want to share your translation, post a comment on this blog and we’ll get back to you.

Known problems with GigaTribe RC2

Here are the major issues we are working on:

– Connection issues – to fix the problem, simply terminate GigaTribe’s process on your task manager (Ctrl + Alt + Suppr) and restart GigaTribe

–¬† The search feature only retrieves files from folders you’ve already visited(…).

– Image thumbnail may not appear.

– The ‘Send now’ button is not working yet

Except those few bugs, your feedbacks are positives. We are close to the final version!

GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate is Available!

GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate available

As part of the release process, tonight we’ve released GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate, a preview/testing package which, hopefully, is quite close to what will constitute the final GigaTribe 3 release. GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate is a public preview release intended for testing and community feedback.

New features and changes in this milestone:
– Many many bugs fixed
– Better stability and performance
– v2 preferences and downloads are back

Note for beta-testers: Your folders will all appears as new when upgrading to this version (blue text).

You can get a copy of GigaTribe 3 RC from our downloads page.

Fresh “Private Area” improvements

We just updated the GigaTribe “Private Area” at You can now see all information about your profile.

A reminder: your Private Area is not only about profile information. This is a feature of GigaTribe where you can invite easily all your friends from your webmails (Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo!) and social networks (facebook, LinkedIn, flickr). In addition, it gives you the power to access remotely to your files stored on your computer, from anywhere, with any web browser.

Stay tuned, more to come on the next few days…

For the best GigaTribe experience, use GigaTribe Ultimate