Certificate renewal

The following error message currently appears on the giga.gg site:
“The connection is not secure”
The integrity of the site is not affected. The site’s certificate (its “electronic signature”) expired during the night and its renewal has not yet gone into effect. The service will be restored by tomorrow at the latest.
We apologize for this interruption of service – we’re doing everything we can to get the service running again as quickly as possible!
The GiGa team

Enjoy the Tribes

Dear Tribers,

Now you can create or join tribes directly from the GigaTribe website: www.gigatribe.com/en/search-a-tribe
The tribes are lists of GigaTribe users who share the same interests or who are the members of the same community: friends, family, organization, company etc…

Once you are part of a tribe, you can invite other members to join your private network.
For example, if you want to share documents within your organization, simply create a tribe “My_Organization” and send the address of the tribe to other members of the organization: http://www.gigatribe.com/tribes/My_Organization.

Members of the organization must create a GigaTribe account and then ask to join the tribe. As soon as you have validated the request, the user will see the other members and may invite them in its own network.

There are 3 different tribes: public, private, secret

Access is free.
Tribe members are visible to anyone.
The tribe can be found through the search engine.
Access can be restricted.
Tribe members are only visible for other members.
The tribe can be found through the search engine.
Access is restricted.
Tribe members are only visible for other members.
Only those who know the exact tribe’s name can find the tribe.

Tribes replace existing themes.
The themes that were accessible from the private space have been transformed into tribes. These themes will disappear soon.

Information for 3.2 test version users
The 3.2 test version will be blocked soon and the tribes created with this test version will not be retained.
We would like to inform you that you have to create your tribes with the new system to keep using them.

Giga Team

Fresh “Private Area” improvements

We just updated the GigaTribe “Private Area” at gigatribe.com. You can now see all information about your profile.

A reminder: your Private Area is not only about profile information. This is a feature of GigaTribe where you can invite easily all your friends from your webmails (Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo!) and social networks (facebook, LinkedIn, flickr). In addition, it gives you the power to access remotely to your files stored on your computer, from anywhere, with any web browser.

Stay tuned, more to come on the next few days…

For the best GigaTribe experience, use GigaTribe Ultimate

Inviter tool available from the private area

Many of you are already using webmails or social networks to keep in touch with your friends: Live messenger, Gmail, facebook, linked in…

An invitation tool is now available to help you invite your existing contacts within your GigaTribe network.
To send invitation with that new tool, connect to the private area with your username and password, then click on the tab “Invite your friends”.

Spread the word about your GigaTribe user name, the more contacts you have the more files you can download!