EasyConnect: Test servers available for free users.

We want all users to be able to easily connect to GigaTribe, while giving those who subscribe to the “Ultimate” offer a premium service.
This is why we just modified the way the software works.
Free users will always be able to use the EasyConnect service, but they will be systematically routed through test servers.
The test servers will help us improve the existing service and prepare future evolution.
When tests will be over, EasyConnect will remain available to free users but with a limited amount of GB transfered.

One last thing, we’d like to remind you that validating your email address will bring you a free 1-month trial of the Ultimate version!

Best regards,

The GigaTribe team

69 thoughts on “EasyConnect: Test servers available for free users.

  1. I am a premium user, but I am on test server, and I have reconnected over a dozen times and cannot get more than 3 contacts to show up, it is ridiculous! I know they are online as I message them and the answer right back!

    • As a Premium user you did not pay for the EasyConnect service.
      We’re now offering free EasyConnect but only on test servers.
      Test servers might not work as well as Ultimate servers. That’s the point of the tests.
      You can pay for the ultimate version to be on Ultimate servers, use the test servers for free or use the direct connection as you used to.

      Best Regards

      GigaTribe team

      • I direct connect! So those of us who bought Premium to support you years ago, now have to buy another service? Or we get relegated to the same service as a free user?

      • Absolutly not!

        If you are a Premium user, you can choose to connect in direct mode OR in EasyConnect mode. It is up to you!
        You still have access to all Premium features.

        We only have add a new Free service for all that you can choose to use or not.

      • These test servers are HORRIBLE to say the least!! They keep disconnecting you then reconnecting you, not to mention it takes FOREVER to get reconnected. Reminds me a WHOLE LOT like how dial-up was. It also sometimes kicks up “USER NOT IN NETWORK” when they obviously ARE. I WAS on direct connect and there’s NO CHOICE between easy and direct which is a ROYAL pain in the tuckas to put it lightly.

    • I have sent 3 or 4 emails…still no reply…I used the free for several weeks with NO problems…then I purchased the ultimate and I have had NOTHING but trouble every since!! I uninstalled, reinstalled, changed virus protection, everything I could..I even changed my name…It says it has a validation code…will be sent in the email..I never received it the first time and now changed my name it says will be sent in email…still have not received it…OR an answer to any of my many emails I have sent to you…could you PLEASE respond. thanks…it is the 19th…been an entire month..otherwise will have to file a claim with paypal and ask for my money back…thanks…k

      • Hello,

        We do answer to all the email we receive. We have answered today and March 19th (your last email).
        Ultimate activation is totally automatic. You do not need to enter any activation code. Your Ultimate license was activated the February 23th. (the day you have bought it)..
        Issues you may have encountered was caused by the Beta version you were using. Let us know if it has been fixed now.

        About the email you didn’t receive (Email validation), it has very likely been filtred by your mailbox.

    • These test servers remind me of DIAL UP!! They’re HORRIBLE!! It kicks you off then you have to log back in not once but MULTIPLE TIMES and then takes forever to log back in. There’s no way to choose between DIRECT and EASY? I have to lifetime premium and this is RIDICULOUS!!

      • Adrienne,
        Please, KEEP TELLING US, how Ultimate is worse than dial-up. 2x, same rant, in 3 hours left me crazy hot! I felt like I was married again!

      • Just a reminder, test servers are available for free.
        You can decide to use direct connect to avoid using test servers:


  2. That still don’t explain why viewing profiles (all not just one’s of easy-connected users) is slow most the time taking up to 5 mins for giga to load. It also don’t explain why adding contacts now takes up to 5 mins if it go’s through and dose not fails, that don’t explain why editing profile message or blog takes a long time if it don’t fail all while using direct connection! I’m not the only one to report this issue and so far the only response has been if your direct connected your not using easy connection.. well then what servers are profiles, invites, and profile messages stored on? are they routed to easy connection? I payed for a lifetime membership Premium because I knew how to use direct connection to connect to GigaTribe and my contacts, now yeah I can get a ultimate upgrade and give you yet more money but that dose nothing now in reality unless everyone on my contact list forks over cash for ultimate, or I will still not be able to see them online when they are connected because Gigatribe wants to use them in a experimental environmental what a rip off!

    • Here are some technical explanation to understand “what servers are profiles, invites”.
      Profile information are retrieved from the database server, they don’t go through the easyconnect server. Tt does not make any difference if you’re using direct connection or not.
      Invites are forwarded to the database and to the recipient. Each recipient is reached through EasyConnect or not, depending on it’s connection type.
      The problem you describe do not seem related the EasyConnect.
      Please contact support : contact@gigatribe.com for further investigation.

      Best regards

  3. Gigatribe is not a new product. It’s a evolution upon Tribalweb. I still don’t understand why the people who actually bought tribalweb ULTIMATE suddenly became gigatribe PREMIUM. It looks a bit different, but most things are just what tribalweb was and did… allthough tribalweb did work flawlessly what i can’t say about gigatribe.

    I said it before i was looking for an alternative and i found one. Opensource, free, stable, a little bit harder to set up but has all the same features FOR FREE.

    • GigaTribe is the evolution of TribalWeb but the ultimate version appeared with GigaTribe in 2008.
      Premium did not became Ultimate: before 2008, you had to pay both for the Premium licence and for the EasyConnect service.
      Ultimate is Premium + EasyConnect.

      Regarding alternatives products, GigaTribe has in deed inspired open source products but they all require a direct connection.
      When using the direct connection, GigaTribe is free.

  4. not fair cannot even connect or download
    test server is ridiculous need to stop
    connected and reconnected several times and cannot do anything

    • Test servers are being rebooted regularly, we’re sorry for the inconvenience but it’s the purpose of the test.
      You can connect directly or use the Ultimate relay servers if you bought the Ultimate licence.

      • wheres the choice to connect direct or easy, ive never seen it
        its certainly not in settings like it use to be

      • With version 3.1.7, you cannot select this option, here is how it works:
        GigaTribe always tries to direct connect first: the GigaTribe server tries to reach your computer through the TCP port you’ve declared opened.
        If the connection fails, you are then connected on the EasyConnect servers.

        Best Regards

  5. You are leaving gigatribe worse than before. If I am you, stop testing servers, because i know a lot of premium users are leaving Gigatribe or they inttend leaving Gigatribe. 😦

    • We’ve given the opportunity for free and Premium users to use the EasyConnect service for free on test servers.
      Just use the direct connection as you used to if you’re not satisfied with the EasyConnect test servers.

      Best regards

  6. Do you realize its been 2 years since your last stable build? (which was anything but stable). I do not wish to sound mean or disrespectful. I just do not understand why it is you keep dumping bad builds on the market and rather then fix them you go and make more problems to work with. Like for example, you give us 3.3.002 it still has inadvisable user issue where online contacts show as offline when they are online, and yes that is from 3.3.002 to another 3.3.002 contact with port 3728 open on both connected computers, it still crashes removing users ect.. same issues from over 2 years ago but rather then fix them you go off on more tasks like tunneling connection, easy connection upgrades ect.. You had a great stable program 2.52 the last of the real stable build but now it is blocked. I am all for upgrades mind you but not the replacement of stable builds by beta builds. I would like to ask why Gigatribe staff decided 2.52 had to be blocked? I could see it once a stable build was given to us, just not sure why you deemed it OK to kill what made Giga great with failing builds.. I realize the team you have may prefer the easy code used in the new builds over version 2. However they have not mastered it yet. No one likes to admit defeat but a futile slow death is worse. I bring this up in the spirit of open talk and hope you realize by subjecting us to failed builds while we watch you make more problems is costing you customers. I have seen many users give up on Gigatribe now and move on to torrents or other p2p programs, I even know one user who got so mad he set up a encrypted ftp server called Giga Hate. I rather see Gigatribe succeeded myself, But even I can only see a long road of beta builds and more server issues.. Why not bring Giga 2.52 back until at least a stable version 3 could be built? I know compatibility will be a issue but so many guys were happy with 2.52 that the few contacts who liked beta builds did not bug them as much.. I look at your blog anymore and just cannot understand why you can not see how upset your customers are getting. And one more thing, to have contacts regulated (none ultimate user) to test servers it effects us who pay that trade with them. Its a matter of sure I can pay for ultimate but what good is it when most my contacts are on test servers disconnecting all the time and having poor transfer speed. I do realize it cost you to run the easy connection servers and you have to make money to keep going, I just think this approach is a bad one. Maybe ask for testers to use the test servers and at the end of the test reward them with 60 days ultimate license. And if it were me, I would realize by now if I were you that something has to change, I would not keep going with V3 if my code writers took this long and still have not been able to solve the bugs, I would go back to V 2.52 and from there build on.. Thank you for your time and please take time to consider Gigatribes future I rather don not want to trade else-ware…

    • Thanks for this long post.
      We are aware version 2.52 was a great release, we would have left it running if it had been possible.
      Every version is communicating with our servers through different scripts. We don’t have the ressource to maintain the scripts of every version. However, we’re evaluating the necessary work to release a version 2.6 which would use the same scripts as version 3.
      For the last year, our priority has been to improve the EasyConnect service. The current test is necessary to help us finish that project. We’ll then focus on releasing a stable version.

      Best Regards


  7. In regards to….One last thing, we’d like to remind you that validating your email address will bring you a free 1-month trial of the Ultimate version!…how DO you validate your email address to get this special treat????

  8. maybe a mistake from me with the premium ultimate, but there are free alternatives that do offer easy connect functionality for free, run faster, are stable and actually work. i do admit that the one i’m using now does have one problem when allot of files are in a folder it can take up to a minute to see the files in it. but hey…. it’s free without restrictions, no more invites from people i don’t know, looks great, comes in versions for mac/linux/windows and no slow transfer speeds 😀

    • It’s a strange business model.
      Anyhow regarding the invitation received from people you don’t know, just edit your profile and check the ex-directory option.

      Best Regards

  9. Gigatribes Testserver is for all Freeuser a worsening. My GT loose always the connection to the Testserver and the number of my online contacts seems to be limited. i had friends that shown from Gt as offline althought they were online.(skyped with them at same time).

    • The test servers may be disconnected quite often.
      Keep in mind you can use the direct connection or buy the Ultimate version to avoid disconnections.
      Please give us details by email (contact@gigatribe.com) if you believe the test servers have an negative impact for Ultimate users.

  10. Why is it a strange business model? You can have it 2 ways: or you lock it for you and your friends or you open it up and everyone can access you anonymous and you can access everyone anonymous (what i still need to try).

    To be honest… gigatribe has some aces in it sleeve as well as the new app. For example:

    – Gigatribe sees new shared files right away while the other one has to be ‘hashed’ untill you see them
    – Gigatribe is slow towards uploading (even within network) while the other one hasn’t that problem
    – The other uses another kind of ‘easyconnect’ that also works without any configuration.
    – i have reasons to believe Gigatribe does not see seperate network sessions (local and internet) while the other can.
    – The other has a portable version that doesn’t need to be installed. Just unzip and off you go.

    still haven’t tried this one yet:
    – Gigatribe does have a virtual space where you can access your own files that the other hasn’t, but they let you (incase needed) create a direct link for use on it’s internal chat, other chat, messageboard, forums or even your own site (like creating your own space).

  11. Giga Roulette needs to be fixed. You can no longer view peoples profiles you click on the name and just get server error. It would also be nice if we could select users by there country or language as all I get most the time using Roulette is French Giga Users, and I can not speak French and all my files are in English.

    • Thanks for warning us.
      The ‘people’ pages were not responding properly on one of our servers.
      It has now been fixed.

      Selecting users according to their language is a good idea.
      We’ll try to modify the GigaRoulette accordingly soon.


  12. Gigatribes Testserver only brings drawbacks for freeuser.
    bad availability bad speed etc.
    Time to look for an alternate.

  13. Gigatribes Testserver is for all Freeuser a worsening. My GT loose always the connection to the Testserver. For hours it isent possible to gt any standing conection to the testserver. BAD BAD BAD!!!!!

  14. Since my connection runs over Gigatribes Testserver i have probs to connect it or to keeping the connection.and only a part of my friends are shown as online. Testserver is the worst idea of Gigatribe

  15. When will you be donedoing whatever you are doingthat keepscutting meoff after being ona minuteor two and Ican notget my downloads from my contact.

  16. As a free Giga user, I am surprised at this company’s strategy for raking in more money: … make their free service suck ultra bad so you HAVE TO upgrade. That is shoddy. These test servers are not achieving anything but making Giga suck. And now I and many users on Giga are discussing moving to another software forum and leaving Gigatribe in the dust. A company that innovates by de-innovating, that is so wonderful, welcome to the New World Order. In the future, don’t fix what’s broken, and by that same backwards analogy, maybe you should fix what isn’t broken …. my connection only lasts about 20 minutes at a time, I drop every 20 minutes from these lame test servers, and the test servers never show more than 6 users, but I use to have 20 connected users every time I logged on. This is totally bogus.

  17. I have the ultimate license and pay yearly for the easy connect so why am I suddenly a test connection??? I want my contacts back and you should be thinking of refunding the $$ that I have paid for service I am now not getting. When can we expect these tests to be finished???Maggi

  18. I’m a free user and since 3 or 4 weeks I have a big problem with the easy connection. I can’t see my contacts (as online) if they are online and they can’t see me if I’m online. I lost my connection after seconds. if I see a contact as online (one time in hours) and try to look his shared files, then he switch to offline. now I have only 1 contact left, becouse the rest kicked me for that on-/offline-switch.

    and now I used the “no easy mode”-button and since then I can’t login with the program.
    GT can you create a button “easy mode back” please. and fix the mode, that I can see my contacts and her shared files and that I not lost my connection after seconds??

  19. Can you tell me why I am now UNABLE to write anything in my Chat section? It was working fine last night and then everything became greyed out[except the Emotes} and I can’t write anything. I can do searches but can’t chat with anyone. PLEASE help!
    Thank you

  20. I am a ULTIMATE user, but I’m showing up as an EASY CONNECT. If you will kindly check and FIX this problem, I would be grateful. PLEASE check your RECORDS.

  21. no matter how many times gets removed my comments i’ll state only 100% truth. i’ll give them to the public.

    • We don’t know yet how long the test will last.
      We’ve already very good results regarding the number of users that can be on the same server.
      New server will mean less usesr appearing disconnected while they are not.

  22. why is it when I go to your help page to get gigatribe direct connection settings the web site is blink how can I get these setting I send a email to giga asking to manual be removed from the opt out list PLEASE HELP

  23. I have written 4 emails – I am a premium user – on April 23rd I clicked on the no test servers – and since then I have not been able to connect today is the 26th, please reconnect me it is how I communicate with my family, This is not right that you do not answer my emails and you do not fix the proble

  24. I keep getting kicked off the server. Will never buy a license if this is how you treat new users.

    • Dear Michelle,

      We’ll release a new version on the US test server this week.
      We’ll post a new comment when the servers are available.
      We’ll be happy to have your feedback then.


  25. is the free ultimate trial for validating your email no longer in effect? i just signed up and validated but didn’t get my ultimate trial?

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