Download GigaTribe 3.6 now!

Dear GigaTribe users,
The whole team is pleased to present the new version (Ver. 3.6) of GigaTribe.
You will find:
  • A new feature to find contacts to share with based on interests (using #Hashtags).
  • A complete redesign of the website.
  • A native Linux version to add to the Windows and Mac versions.
The GigaTribe team

4 thoughts on “Download GigaTribe 3.6 now!

  1. Big issues with chat areas. Public chats don’t show up at all and if they do, they will disappear when you leave that screen. Private messages show up but when you go to read them, they are gone. You have to be on the person’s page to see the PM they send you, but if you leave the screen and come back it’s all gone. Bad bad bad.

  2. Would like to swith to 3.06 but there are too many annoying bugs. Loss of saved passwords, inconsistance of the transferlist to name just two. I’ll stick with the old version ’till this is solved. 3.04 isn’t bugfree too but at least all main functions are working correct.

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