No increase in Gigatribe prices in 2023

Dear Gigatribe users,

We are pleased to announce that the prices of our file-sharing service will not be increased in 2023.

We understand that price stability is important to our users, and we are proud to have maintained competitive prices for many years.

Please do not hesitate to send us your feedback or suggestions via our customer support.

We thank you for your trust in Gigatribe and we are committed to continuing to provide you with a stable and secure file-sharing service.


Dear GigaTribe users

We just launched a new customer care interface.
Instead of sending emails which could end up in the junk mail you will now contact us through the website.
Every request you make will open a new ticket.
Your messages and our answer will be associated with this ticket.
The customer care interface is available from the following URL:

Your comments are welcome to help us improve this new service.

GigaTribe Team

Users ‘deleted’

Some users have been erased from the database.
We haven’t found what is responsible for the problem. We’re currently investigating.
Anyhow, we have daily backup, no information has been lost, we’ll restore the missing users very soon.
In the meantime, if your username has disappeared, please do NOT create a new user with the same name. it will slow the restoration process.
We’ll keep you posted on the blog.

Thanks for your patience.

GigaTribe Team

GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate is Available!

GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate available

As part of the release process, tonight we’ve released GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate, a preview/testing package which, hopefully, is quite close to what will constitute the final GigaTribe 3 release. GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate is a public preview release intended for testing and community feedback.

New features and changes in this milestone:
– Many many bugs fixed
– Better stability and performance
– v2 preferences and downloads are back

Note for beta-testers: Your folders will all appears as new when upgrading to this version (blue text).

You can get a copy of GigaTribe 3 RC from our downloads page.

Beta Mac Version being tested

We’re still focused on the Windows version but one of our coder is a Mac addict.

Every night he works on the Mac version to be able to exchange files with friends. He can’t share his own files yet but he can already download from Windows users. Here are some screenshots he made recently.


 “I had tried Msn to exchange files with Windows friends but it turned to be a nightmare. I’m glad I can use GigaTribe now, I can’t wait to finish the upload feature.”

The Beta Mac version is not available yet, We’ll keep you posted!

Booth at CES

GigaTribe is currently at Consumer Electronics Show 2009, Las Vegas.

Here is our booth at Sands expo, IP228.

Many People at the CES today  !!  Professionals,  end users and journalists.

We got many appointments with several media members today and hope to get more articles to expand market visibility here in the US.

This is also THE place to meet end users and get to know if  they feel comfortable with the product and if they understand our software amongst other competitors such as home servers, remote access software, and public file sharing software.

This helps us define what are our strong features are in the market. Some people say that we provide a “Facebook for your Hard Drive” and we think that this is a good way to define our product.

To be continued…

Welcome to GigaTribe’s blog

We’ve decided to create this blog because some important changes are coming: GigaTribe version 3 will soon be released. We’ll be at International CES 2009 (Booth: Sands IP228), January 8-11, to present this new version.

This blog will let us share the GigaTribe’s evolution. We’ll give at least a weekly update until the official launch in January.

Let’s start blogging!