GiGa.GG – End of the free version

As of August 10, 2016, the free version of GiGa.GG will no longer be available. The number of users has risen sharply over the last year, but the number of paying users remains insufficient to offset the costs associated with the service. We’re going to add a new offer – €1/month (100GB of storage, unlimited fast downloads, no streaming) – and the current Unlimited offer will also remain in place, unchanged.
Users who do not wish to subscribe to one of these offers can continue to download files until the end of October 2016.
We thank everyone who has joined GiGa.GG in this adventure and we hope that most of you will continue to stay on board with us.
Thank you for your support.




8 thoughts on “GiGa.GG – End of the free version

  1. Hello,

    I don’t understand what this message is all about, because it’s in a language that I don’t know. Can you resend it to me in English (USA)? Thanks!

    Sincerely, Mr. Joseph Mancebo

  2. Ok, let us make this more clear. You offered 500 gb free for new users, first come first serve, and now, to keep it, I have to pay $50.00 a year, or to keep 100gb, I pay $1.12/month US, which is what your €1/month, for zero streaming but I can download. So, why does your site say “Start with 100GB free and invite your friends to receive up to 500GB.” if you are now saying we have to pay for the 100gb. I am confused.

    • The home page of the website has not been updated yet.
      Regarding the free storage earned, it will not be downsized, even if you’re using the 1$/month other.

      Best regards

    • Have you ever heard of “bait and switch”? This is what you just did. Just saying….

      • We do understand your disappointment but we can’t agree with your accusation.
        We’ve offered a free version for more than a year, without any advertising.
        The free version was supposed to push users toward the unlimited version.
        Too few persons switched to unlimited so we had evolve.
        We’re not pressuring anyone to buy our unlimited offer, on the opposite we’ve created a low price offer and developed a software to help users easily download all their files.

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