GiGa.GG: folder transfer made easy thanks to GiGa.GG software.

Dear GIGa users,

We’re about to release a software to help you upload/download entire folders.
The Beta version is available here :




Number 1: Once the software is launched, a new icon (orange triangle) will appear in the systray.

Number 2: Right click on the new systray icon and select ‘Open GiGa’ to open your web browser. A new icon will be displayed next to your avatar picture. Refresh your browser if it does not show up.

Number 3: Click on the ‘My files’ menu to discover the files and folders saved on your computer.

Contact us through the customer service portal for any question:


17 thoughts on “GiGa.GG: folder transfer made easy thanks to GiGa.GG software.

  1. Any update on a linux version? With the new pricing change I am trying to decide if I should close my account or signup for the unlimited. A linux sync tool would be the deciding factor in your favor.

  2. Glad there’s a progress but it would be better to have a normal desktop client instead a module working with web browser. Additionally it doesn’t work with cyrilllic file names.

    These issues are quite disappointing taking into account closing of the free services. I would be happy to buy a subscripion but I’d like to have more than a very beta version of the software.

    • Hello,

      Thank you for warning us.
      We’ve just tested and it seems the download works fine but the upload does not.
      We’ll fix the bug asap.


  3. Any news on a Linux Version ??? The plugin works great at Windows Systems, it helped to decrease the Ram usage by almost 50 %,

  4. Do you know when a Linux upload tool will be available ?
    I suscribed to the basic offer, but I can’t quite use Giga since I’d like to transfer my Dropbox account (dizens of folders) but can’t for the moment.

    Thanks in advance !

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