Version 3.3 scheduled before christmas

Dear Tribers,

We’re working hard to prepare the next version.
Our top priority is to fix the existing bugs and to improve the transfer speed.

Next  version will be released before christmas, beta versions should be available by the end of november.

This version will also be available for Mac, Linux is not scheduled yet.

Thank you for your patience and your feedback.


44 thoughts on “Version 3.3 scheduled before christmas

  1. Please fix the file sorting problem… when opening a users folder, i’ll have the columns sorted on Modification Date by default when in Details listing mode, but the files aren’t sorted correctly, i have to click Modification date colun again in order for the files to re-sort themselves correctly

  2. can you solve the following problem with the giga 3 versions
    when i dl from one of my contacts and the date of that file (rar) is for example 02-03-2002 then when its in my dl folder the date turned in to the date of today that makes things very confusing so i cannot see what is a new file or a very old file in my dl folder

  3. I hope the problem of getting disconnected every few minutes that some users have with easy connect will be fixed too.

    • @Mikelego226

      When this version will be release, you’ll just have to download it and install it.
      Once you will have sign in, you will get back your contact list and all your account’s settings.

      • Thanks for the answer. For a new feature could you possibly make the preview picture bigger so people could actually see what something is before they download it?

  4. another thing
    with the 2.5 versions i could delete the chat fom one person so the chit chat i dont want to see from sertain people i could delete and the rest stay but now i onley can delete the whole chat so i loos also the chat i want to keep

  5. It would be nice if all shared files were hashed so we dont have to keep re-downloading the same files from different users that we had previously downloaded.

  6. GUYS

    i’ve asked dosens of times the “large view” supposed to be large, and would be nice that important issue not being ignored but Michael said its not top priority in the new version, same goes for those lame, small and meaningless smiley’s! I an’t understand why don’t let, the users decide wich type of smiley’s, animeted messages, or emocitons want use instead thoose small icons gigatribe offers.

    So all we can do wait, and hope for the best.

    Would be nice if any of the admins finally let us know what we can expect in the new relase!


  7. It’s good to know that some minor bugs will be fixed. But I suppose version 3.3 will be not more than that: bug fixes. Gigatribe works fine, it is stable, fast, easy to use, so all in all it’s not bad.
    But there are some problems that will remain as long as the basic structure of the program remains the same. At this moment, Gigatribe uses the file system and some xml files to store the configuration for the shared files and folders. This is a very weak point and hindders the scalability of the program. The only solution is to redefine Gigatribe in such a way that a real database can be used to store all necessary data.
    I’ll give some examples of the weak points of Gigatribe as it is now:
    1 – Windows has problems with long path/file names. Now Gigatribe configuration files are stored in “C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Shalsoft\GigaTribe\XXXXXXX\sharedfolders\dbs” That means that under this long path, you will find the paths you have shared, so it’s easy to have a full path that exceeds 250 characters. If, for example, you try to copy this file structure (for a backup or something) Windows can’t read the files anymore.
    2 – At this moment it is impossible to define access rights on sub-folders, you can only define access rights on the top-level folder. I’ll give an example.
    I have a Folder with pictures that I want to share with my family. This is the structure:
    Pictures\Family and Friends\Family and Pictures\Family and Friends\Friends
    Now I want to share the Friends folder only with my Friends. I have to create a new top-level shared folder called Friends, that points to Pictures\Family and Friends\Friends.
    That doesn’t seem to be a big problem, but there are a few hundred sub-folders under Family and under Friends, each folder with a custom image.
    What is the result? Gigatribe creates the folder structure twice and I have to create each and every thumbnail file for Friends\*.* twice.
    All this can be avoided with a good database structure.
    3 – If you add new folders and new thumbnail files to your shared folders, Gigatribe detects that quite nicely and adds them when they become available.
    But if you delete, move or rename shared sub-folders, Gigatribe has no means to know what happened. The result is that after a while, you have thousands of unused thumbnail files taking up space and slowing down the system as well as a lot of folders in your DBS folder pointing to nothing at all.
    Again, this can easily be solved with a database.

    There are lots of free databases available (like MySql) who are fast, reliable and very scalable. So if the developers at Gigatribe really want to create a program that is stable, fast, reliable and scalable, then this is the way t go I think.
    In the mean time, please consider moving the configuration files away from
    “C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Local Settings\Application Data\Shalsoft\GigaTribe\XXXXXXX\sharedfolders\dbs”
    to a better place. This can be done easily in version 3.3, with a small routine that moves everything from the old place to a new, more intelligently chosen folder during the upgrade process.
    Another argument for doing so is that in a network environment with roaming profiles, the “Local Settings” folder is not available to the user when he logs on to a different computer.

    For the rest, Gigatribe is OK as it is now, and details like the size of the thumbnails are minor details, absolutely unimportant. We are waiting for 3.3, and, much more important, to a new version that will Gigatribe make a really robust piece of software, which it is not yet at the moment, but we hope it will be one day.

    • Whilst I agree with your points about necessary improvements (your list is the “absolute minimum” I would suggest), I disagree with your statement that “Gigatribe works fine, it is stable, fast, easy to use”. It doesn’t work fine, the interface is a hinderance – restoring from the toolbar is temperamental at best, sometimes it comes back, sometimes I just get the top left corner of the window (approx. the size of the logo) and I have to maximise from the toolbar right-click menu to get the actual program back. Sometimse it restores from the toolbar but is the same dimensions as the screen resolution, but not in the full screen position so I have to resize the window manually. It’s like the “maximise” function reads the res of the desktop and resizes the window to that rather than actually maximising to fill the desktop.

      It is not stable, by the very nature of peoples’ complaints about it crashing when deleting users etc. And when it crashes it invariably leaves incomplete files with no extension if transfers were happening at the time.

      I guess you can have easy to use. But fast? When I want to upload some files to a contact, I drag them into his folder and it cycles through them, one at a time, saying that I have them queued, then my contact has them queued. Only when I pause all of them but one so it can concentrate entirely on one file does it go to “preparing” and then “uploading”. I have to do this for each file, one at a time. If I just leave them all queued up, they will transfer EVENTUALLY, but there doesn’t seem to be any science to it.

      Giga has so much potential, it infuriates me that I have been paying for it this whole year and it has been entirely stagnant from a development point of view. The last release was in November 2010, and that was pulled within hours or days because it didn’t work properly! It’s a bit of a slap in the face to know that we are only getting a “minor bug release” after over 13 months of waiting for actual core improvements to the program. And, I might add, that all of these bugs you have known about for most of those 13 months, because I have been keeping track of the old giga blog (in English and French). It’s like you just haven’t DONE anything in 2011 except taken peoples’ ultimate payments and rolled out a few pointless social tools. It’s beyond me why anybody would want to add random people that they don’t know on something like this.

      Anyway, I’m looking forward to some serious improvements. I would think you don’t have much time to enjoy your lead though, to be honest, other programs that offer (much) better security and operate as a proper “dark net”. And, they are also open-source and free (well, the one I have been playing with is, anyway).

      Please. Fix. Gigatribe.

  8. I paid my ultimate on the 10th of Nov. I STILL can’t connect. Error message “can’t connect to server”. Obviously it’s not my IP or I wouldn’t be writing this message. What gives? Please help me…..

  9. Could you also make it so we could get a new selection of random members for the Gigaroulette? I still have the same people on it that I did when I joined.

  10. I’d like to see individual “traffic setting” for each of my traderssome are good traders but a lot are bad!

  11. Please tell us if the problem of getting disconnected very few minutes with easy connect on hotspot internets will be fixed in this version not. this is the problem of many users that have with only version 3 and not 2.52.

    • Almost every time that i delete a User it will also terminiate my connection to Gigatribe ,, then i will need to re-boot back into Gigatribe . Why ??

  12. could the problem of (say some people have folders in folders) we call the one the folders are inside the main folder and the ones inside are lots of folders that consist of the that project or theme…and when we try to download the subfolder instead of having to download a few folders at time inside the main one we get kicked off or the one you have tryed downloading it from gets kicked…possibly be fixed?

  13. Hello :

    When i Delete a Giga Member from my list of members then my Gigatribe will Close Out ,, then I will need to Re-Start Gigatribe .

    Maybe you might be able to Fix that problem in your New version ??

  14. hi where is the giga 3.3 beta could put some screenshots and new things that have and what problems have fixie
    or is it that giga 3.3, will be out in the expected dates
    All my friends on my list of users, already annoying with giga 3.01.007

  15. We need some way to re-load all of our contacts. If we have a free account, every year or so our name gets deleted or our EasyConnect is turned off somehow (on a free account!) and we have to choose a new username and the process of reloading our contacts is very tedious, especially if we didn’t track all their names periodically, resulting in lost contacts we may never find again. To be able to save an encrypted list of our contacts and then reload them in case of account failure would be very efficient of you.

  16. I’d like to see Gigatribe work based on increased speed by those with higher ratings from others, with only a small bit given to free users but they can build up (even on a free account) to much higher data streams by becoming a reliable trader within a network. And I’d like to see Giga work this way. Everyone gets a few points to start with. They assign their points into their best traders. And as they get new contacts added, they get more points, that they can then reassign. As more people assign points into them, their status rises, giving them higher data rate potentials. The better trader you are, the more bandwidth you get to share with. You can then use your points to reward your equals and underlings as you see fit. If you lose your account, you can somehow magically tie your old account to your new account in order to keep your status as a high trader. Giga should unlock the poor 33 KB/s top speed rule and give the best traders up to 200 Kb/s if they want to use it. Of course, it should be scalable by the user to what he wants within the configuration options, so he can actually limit some people’s bandwidth if they are not playing fair (as an alternative to out-right deleting them) … Let each society, as they form, decide who to raise up and elevate and feed power to based on their sharing potential and style. It would be nice to have some way to advertise videos, like a 5 second clip and WE select where to place that 5-second clip viewing start point so people can preview a clip before deciding to download it. SInce downloading videos is the slowest and most bandwidth costing issue, this would help to save billions of gigabytes of data transfers every year across the entire Giga network, resulting in savings in network use, internet fees, etc …. Giga could earn more of a profit from their network this way … if we could preview clips, we could prevent downloading those we already have and prevent data wasting, which helps everyone involved in the Giga dream. Thanks for Giga .. only wish it could be more managable, fun, and interactive … and smart.

  17. would be nice if Michael not ignore my comments, and repond to them!!!!

    as a ultimate lisenced member i want finally have some general information about the changes, the new features of the 3.3 version!

  18. What is a Premium account (as opposed to Ultimate)? How does one get a Premium account and how much does it cost? How does it compare to Ultimate?

    • Actually, there is a difference:

      Premium license is a lifetime license and do not include the EasyConnect service.
      Ultimate license include all the Premium features + the EZ service.

      • you still didnt answer how we can get a premium acct opposed to having ultimate – we know that it exists but why cant we get it now? doesnt seem fair to me that you dont give us the choice of which one we want. I for one have sent an email to giga about this same question and have yet to receive a reply.

      • I’m sorry We do not propose any Premium lifetime license since 2008.
        However, a special limited offer will be available on our website for those who want to get a unlimited life license.

  19. PIGLET!

    Actually there’s no difference! 2 years ago the “premium lisense” ( wich had no time limit as 1 year ) has changed into a 1 year period lisence called as “Ultimate” But as functions the premuim-ultimate lisence gives haven’t changed.

    Hope you got your answer.

  20. finally you decided to show up Michael!

    can we finally hear some uppdates on the V 3.3?

    would be nice….

  21. I am now trying your BETA 3.03 and the Downloads are still SLOW !!

    Can you FIX the SLOW !! Download Speed ??

    I have all my speed settings set to Max !

  22. I have tried your 303 beta and you can keep it !!

    I am now back to using 3.017

    You still have a long way to go ,, especially with SLOW DOWN-LOAD SPEEDS !!!!

  23. im using the free version.. Why cant i log in ??

    this is what it says..

    error.. you cannot be contacted via the internet and cannot use easyconnect

    • A beta version is not for an ordinary user. It is for people who know something about pc’s and about operating systems and, in the case of Gigatribe, about TCP/IP. If you have a problem (which is normal with a beta version) then you should give as much details as possible. Version of giga you are using, processor and RAM of your pc, os, version and service packs installed, exact description of your problem, configuration of your network interface, antivirus used, config of your firewall, config of your router or modem…
      It is nearly impossible for a technician to help you without all these details.

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