Invalid user

Our hosting provider has detected a problem on the GigaTribe database server.
While fixing the problem, the database has been corrupted: some users accounts have been erased.
If your username has been erased, you won’t be able to connect to the software, an error message will be displayed instead: “Invalid user, this username doesn’t exist”

We’re retrieving data from our backup servers to restore the lost information.
To help us restore your data, please send an email at with ‘invalid user’ as subject. Mention your username and your approximative creation date if you remember it.

Please accept our apologies for this issue.

> Update Tuesday 11th

We need to shut down the database server to run a hard disk check.

We’ll let you know here as soon as the service is up and running again.

Thank you for your patience.


> Update Tuesday 11th, 4:30 pm

We’ve restored almost every account which had been lost. Everyone can connect with its username, contact network and software licence.

Users who had been created 4 hours before the hard drive crashed could not be restored, information was still in memory  when the crash happened.

We’ve received tons of email during the last 2 days and we haven’t been able to respond them all. Do not hesitate to write us again if you are still having connection issue:


> Update Wednesday 12th, 3:30 pm

The latest problems have been fixed. All transactions since 1 September were restored and the latest Ultimate licenses were reactivated.

During the period October 10 to 11, we received a lot of emails about this incident.
We cannot give an answer to all these emails so we invite you to rewrite if your problem persists (subject- Accounts or missing License).
All the emails not related to this problem we will respond as soon as possible.


22 thoughts on “Invalid user

  1. please help me my username still invalid user but i created last february 2011 and registered as ultimate user it will expire next february 2012…i already sent 3 emails to your contact mail…my username is krakenism

  2. I have been told I am an invalid user. I have been on Giga Tribe since the 5 or 15th January 2007. I sure hope this isn`t going to be causing to many problems with all my contacts.

  3. Kept saying invalid user name and after a few tries I managed to get in. I had to restart my PC and now it says “The servers did not respond” when I try to connect.

  4. every time I try to login I get the following message is it just me or is the problem with you

    The servers did not respond



  5. I guess I’m one of the unlucky ones. I could not get on. I’ve had Giga for 4 years and I’m also an ultimate user. My screen name is twilightrose.I had even uninstalled and reinstalled twice….no luck. Also tried a newq account….no luck.

  6. I have been a member with this username for years. I always purchase a year long ultimate membership. If I pay for it, then I expect to be able to use the service. This is not the first time I’ve tried contacting Gigatribe with this problem. A response would be greatly appretiated.

    Username: lettyhomeschool2

  7. i have lost 12 users in 5 days! few of them are confirmed to me in email they’ve quit because the 2.52 version block, some of them just disapperead without explanation! But now i see why they’re not long reachable!

  8. I was getting the invalid user. Now, I’m getting that I cannot connect using the easy server. I just bought a membership a few days ago and can’t connect. I certainly hope I will be reimbursed or extended for all of these problems and the inablitity to connect. This is not very user friendly as far as trying to find a contact to help. I emailed 2 days ago and no response. Bad customer service.

  9. Ver 007 has a log on issue, i sent emails about it, if you cant log on or it says port in use, find ver 006 and install that, it works fine and i have no problems since.

  10. when I connect, giga’s window opens for a minute or two before disconnecting, closing the window and back to the login screen.

    on the lower left side of the screen, there’s a status that says: connecting to easyconnect… 2 contacts connected. after a few seconds, i get : connection lost. Retry schedueled. HOWEVER, next to my profile name, my status indicates that i’m connected and i can even browse my friends folders before Giga disconnects and closes the window… it’s a very frustrating issue, I’d appreciate it a lot if anyone could help, thanks.

  11. Can you change the color of the new files and folders. The ORANGE is very hard to read. Other area’s can be changed why not this. Let the old files and folders be orange and the new be black.

  12. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaase send me my acess for gigatribe…

    my user disconnect.

    Helllllllllllllll pe

    user: brunomzbr

  13. Hope someone can help.
    I signed up a few days ago and connected OK the first time.
    But have not been able to connect since.
    When I try to sign in I get an error message saying “The server did not respond”
    I have tried emailing but get my emails bounced back.
    Can anyone help.
    My user name is Cliffetop

  14. Tried to renew subscription and told my username/pw is invalid. I”ve had acct since Oct 2010

  15. I got a question about direct connection settings. I was using Gigatribe software just fine last month. Then suddenly the next morning, I couldn’t connect. It wasn’t that my account was gone, my error message didn’t say that, but it said my connection settings were no longer right. I can’t figure out where I’m supposed to go with this issue, can someone help me, cause I need to know if there is a way to fix it so I can continue using this stuff.

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