EasyConnect Servers Maintenance

Dear Gigatribe Users,

On Monday 28th February our servers Easyconnect will be out of service because of maintenance and it may last all the day.You may have some problems of disconnection or connection.
We are really sorry for this discomfort.

This is the first step for having our EasyConnect servers much more faster and stable.
We will inform you in advance for the next maintenance.

The maintenance will be extended during the week and servers replacement will be done progressively to avoid impacting the network.

8 thoughts on “EasyConnect Servers Maintenance

  1. hey, why aint easyconnect is something free, i cant port forward anything in my modem, so i just cant use giga for free… i see people crating more and more accounts just to be able to keep using the program.
    the download limit is already a painful annoyance to the free users and is enough to make someone pay for the ultimate

  2. and ain’t no right either! its natural, and logical for only ultimate users having the flexibility and all. They would never pay forsomething good, only if its free! then stop complaining, if you want more options, pay for it!

    P.S. for the gigatribe staff: you guys should never change the way as it is now! Its good not being on equal possibilities for all thoose, whom actually consumers, peoples are willing to pay for a great service.

  3. whats the point if the free users keep starting new accounts over and over… are there any free user with a account older than 2 months that is still logging in?

    • @george

      A lot of user are free users since three years or more!
      I’m sorry that you can’t configure your network but, for now, we can not access to your demand.

  4. Michael would you like tell us when we get a version actuzally 100% costumize eable and no bugs at all? would be nice if you peoples finally say something about that!

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