13 thoughts on “FlashToMyPC: Portable application to directly access your files

  1. would be nice if we could finally remove the main smiley’s and adding our owns. and something really not alright with version 3.17! everytime i try jumping back the main folder,everything in chaos! i do usually organize want dispalyed files sorted by names as Ascending order, but my setup not saved! no matter how many times i set it up, log out and log back in my preferences not saved, pretty annyoing! pls do something about it!


  2. I very much hope you haven’t diverted resources away from Gigatribe for this new project. You say they are developed by different departments but do these different departments come from the same pool of coders?

    I always got the feeling Gigatribe was written and maintained by a small group of people (3 or 4). Now you are starting to sound like a larger company, which makes your inability to get the software working even less excusable.

    When is this mythical new version coming, anyway? 3.2.4 was supposed to be out in October as I recall.. You seem very happy to take people’s money (which presumably has funded your development of this new project) but reluctant to actually make sure your software functions properly!

    • Hi John,
      GigaTribe is a company of 6 persons.
      Our staff was changed recently that is why we have some delay in the development of Gigatribe.
      The staff who is working on FLASHTOMYPC project will finish it very soon and as soon as it is done they will be back on the Gigatribe development.
      Working on flashtomypc project has its positive sides as thanks to this project a new easyconnect protocol which is faster and more stable has been developed and will be soon installed.

  3. Hello, Thank. your software is great, but please could fix giga 3. or 2.52 giga (the old problems persist. people who i know are connected I can not see them, and most of the problems, that allways we have reported still persist) come on please fix

  4. In response to Michale last reply.

    Thank you for all your work and help. I do see that your working hard and trying to branch out a bit. However you seem to avoid the above issue of users not showing as online when they are online. I know in the past you said all users need to use the same new version, that was reported back several time not to fix the issue. Then you posted a message to make sure the ports were open and to use easy connection. That also did not work (which is not right after all you sold me a life time premium membership only to say well yeah you got life time account but now to use you need to pay for easy connection!) I tried easy connection and oping all the ports and making sure the guys I traded with did the same only to find out it did not fix the issue!!! again someone reported that did not work. You have now stopped responding to this issue for the past 5 months. Issues like this forced me to move to another service. But as you can see I still look in on the blog hoping to see that the issue is fixed..Sad to say looks like you gave up on fixing it and moved on to other things….

    • William,

      Users not showing online is an issue we’ve been working on. The answer we gave was more complex that simply ‘use the Ultimate version’.
      The problem appears when someone using GigaTribe with Direct connection (D) is connected with someone using EasyConnect (EZ) and when (EZ) has a router/firewall blocking OUTGOING connections on port 3728.
      When (EZ) connects to our server he uses outgoing connection on port 80. If (EZ) connects to (D) he will use outgoing connection on port 3728. If this port is blocked for (EZ) then (D) appears offline. Problem can be bypass when (D) opens TCP port 80 instead of 3728 for GigaTribe, or when both users use EZ Connect.
      In next version we’ll detect the configuration described above to let users know there is a connection issue due to port filtering.
      If you have a encountered the ‘disconnected users issue’ in other situation, please let us know and we’ll work on it.

      Best Regards


  5. hey, why all this complication with easy and direct connect? why aint it all through easy connect? i cant port foward a thing in my modem therefore i cant direct connect, so i cant use giga wich is really bad

  6. I don’t seem to be able to get on giga at the present. I don’t know what the problem is but something is wrong. If you can, please contact me via my email and let me know what a possible fix could be because I love gigatribe and would like to get back on.

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