Bug corrections for the next release

This week we will release a new version of GigaTribe.
This update will fix bugs from GigaTribe 3.00.02x.

Corrected bugs are:
– Shared folders as always new
– Crash problems for some users

11 thoughts on “Bug corrections for the next release

  1. The download file has the timestamp (digital file signature) 20. January 2010 19:06:58 even the new release should be from January 26; Is the download link up-to-date ?

  2. what about invisibles users…..
    If you delete them,
    They stay in your users list but invisible.
    With the new free version of Gigatribe 3.00.021 and higher
    you can see them and delete realy them forever.

    Look in All Contacts (14) =for example,
    If you see the same number in Default group (0/14),
    you’re OK, If you see the number Higher in All contacts,
    Example: All contact (16) and your Default group (0/14),
    that is mean you have 2 invisible users,
    you can’t see them in any list of users.
    They are BUGS or Spies.
    In the new version you can see them,
    and delete them……

  3. .025 still crashes and folder browser still has trouble finding fills. its a real pain as i really like giga but all the problems drive me mad

  4. Just downloaded 3.00.025 and it still is scanning folders after an hour.. Looks like its back to 2.5.2 also..

  5. The macn version of Giga comes up with an error about no mountable file system when you try to run the diskmountmanager.

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