GigaTribe 3.00.025 is available

This new version correct bugs from the folder scanning process and fixes crash issues.

You can download gigaTribe 3.00.025 by clicking on this link.

14 thoughts on “GigaTribe 3.00.025 is available

  1. Is it normal, when I delete undesired users, it’s jam my Giga and turn off, each time, it do this.
    (with contacted users only)

  2. I am still having crashing issues with the newest release (3.00.025) in Windows XP. When I minimize Gigatribe to the system tray, it will eventually crash. There’s no error message or anything…it just disappears from the tray and the task manager.

    It only seems to happen when I have it minimized to the tray, if that helps you to pinpoint the problem.

  3. I really like the new features you implemented with the 3.0 version and I acknowledge your spend effort but I still haven’t got a stable version so far. Gigatribe crashes all times after 1-2 hours running on my system without warning. It stops the process and is gone. It can be easily restarted without error but this isn’t how it should work. The 2.x versions are stable on my PC. Any chance to ged rid of this bug ? If I can help in any way, please tell me.

    • @Ralf

      Right now we are working on bug/crash corrections. We released GigaTribe 3.00.026 and it shoud be better now.
      Bug/crash fixes are our main focus.

  4. I am a quick connect an just switched to the new version. Now I cant connect. What gives . Is there any support here. Its give a link then says it is no longer available. I paid for this service. .

  5. GigaTribe 3 does not allow multiple chat for now. We plan to add this feature on a future version to be released later this later.

    when? in which vercion or what year?

  6. Hi..
    I’m new at GigaTribe and bought the Ultimate-Account.
    I have several problems…
    When i start it takes about 5 min. to log in…often it crash befor log in.
    When online, it crash after 5 minutes…or before. Since i bought the Ultimate the Problems are more…and i’m realy angry about!

    I tried different Versions…but it doesn’t help. Often there is no reaction and i have to restart my PC…
    Can you PLEASE!! tell me, how i can change settings or whatever will help?
    Another Problem is about a Friend.
    She have a new PC and can’t connect to Giga anymore because the P2P can’t be installed. She has Ultimate too and she tried it about a week…but nothing will work!

    Please..give me a Giga that will work…
    Greetings from Silvia

  7. When I try to add a freind, it will work, work and work, and nothing happens. When I try to load the users the load will bring up the first 50, but after that it runs and runs and runs, and I have to cancel the load. Anyone have a correction for this> I am running 3.00

  8. Hi
    i am happy to use gigatribe…
    no bug, no restart, no failure
    it is load as fast as my pc…

    Sir i want to ask one thing
    can i login multiple account in giga…
    it is most important to me….

    waiting your reply

    Thanks Regards

    • @Shakil


      You can create as many account as you want.
      However, you can run only one session per computer. Therefore, if you wish to log in with two accounts, you need to install GigaTribe on two computers.

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