EasyConnect Disturbances

Hi everyone,

A new series of tests on the new servers EasyConnect is currently underway. It is planned to deploy these servers in order to obtain a significantly improved service.
Disturbances are expected for all free users who can be orientedto the test servers.
Ultimate users are not affected.

We are sorry for this inconvenience

5 thoughts on “EasyConnect Disturbances

  1. my giga keeps cutting off. I bought the pfconfig and it still does the same thing. what is the other number for the router , it is telling me that the 3872 is being used by another program

  2. Not just EasyConnection! I have paid account and cannot connect by easy or Direct I get server not found error.

  3. No connection I am a ultimate user and only get “server did not respond” I have tried both easy and direct. I also checked my port forwarding and tried changing ports. Pleas fix your updater or what ever you did to the server is not working.

  4. Hi is everyone still having trouble I have a lifetime membership and it will not stay connected I can now connect to it but in a few minutes it is gone and I have checked a few of my friends and the same thing is going on with them. I have wrote a few emails and have got no answer from gigatribe. But if everyone is having the same trouble it would be nice to know and if there is a fix that would be nice to know thanks

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