Suspension of Beta version 3.2.4


After one day of testing, we are really sorry to announce that the last version has serious incompatibilities with the previous one.This version is developed to function only in a network composed of version 3.2.x

As we do not want to suspend the previous version , we decided to stop the public Beta-test.

Anyone who would like to test this version in the restricted network just let us know at


Giga Team

12 thoughts on “Suspension of Beta version 3.2.4

  1. Beta or not beta, surely this is the sort of thing you establish before you release it into the wild.

    Please stop wasting time on new “features” (gigaroulette, tribus etc etc) and instead focus on fixing the underlying program. What happened to “This version is stable and all bugs has been fixed.”? That was 3.02.02…

    And is it 3.02.004, 3.02.04 or 3.2.4? All are pretty different in versioning terms. Look at

    I’m sorry I never have anything positive to say about Giga but if things don’t improve I won’t be renewing my ultimate license. It’s a real shame because this program has such massive potential. It just hasn’t felt like “final” software since 2.5x.

    On a sidenote, I liked the multi window chat in the suspended beta BUT can you make it more like an IRC interface, with a switchbar containing all the open chats and keep the chats INSIDE the main giga window. Just a suggestion.

    If it;s the interface that is causing problems please just get rid of it. 🙂 I for one wouldn’t mind it being the ugliest program in existence if it worked as it should.

  2. I agree with John since 2.52 its been all downhill You had the best thing going since sliced bread. And now its gone to the dogs. Why would you bother adding more features when you never got 3.1 upgrade to work properly? The improved chat is nice but at the cost of the program integrability it is not worth it. Admit defeat and go back to basics! or at least drop the new features for now and concentrate on getting the core of giga working right then add the slick gimmicks only after your ready for them. I have 344 users 328 of them still use 2.52 infact most of them were not willing to even try your beta due to there experience with giga 3.1. Maybe if you want to win harts again update platform 2.52 since most of giga users love it most..

  3. i agree too, please go back, fix or improve the conection, your server etc. forget or fail to add more things. perfecting what you have before moving forward
    I still can not see all my online user.
    the program quite often loses connection.

  4. SOOOO, where is the new and improved software?

    Have you guys been able to figure out the importance of a few minor errors can be ok as long as the majority of the customers are happy?

    Many mac users have made complaints, myself included, when are you going to give the mac software even a little time?

  5. I noticed you no longer have giga 2.52 for download. I take it you are cutting support for your last stable build 2.52? Will you guys also cut giga 2.52 from working all together? Please respond to this message as I see you even stopped responding to other guys messages. Thanks

    • Hi there

      We have encountered some problems with the 2.52 version and we are fixing it now. So, 2.52 is still working and there is still a support for this version and the others.
      We do not plan to cut this version untill we have a stable 3.2 version.

      I’m sorry but we cannot give you an exact date as we are still working on the Windows compatible version.

      Kind Regards

  6. the giga stable vercion 3.2 have everything have now in the 2.52????
    and realy fix the invisible users, lose the conection, can not see the user who i know is connected but does not appear online in giga. that since you launched the 3 vercion eliminated the possibility of multi chad and giga 3 fail or take a lot of time to reading from external drives.
    please if an error not been fixed. not to remove the vercion 2.52
    have some decency and not to throw more giga version with multiple faults

  7. I have Mac and it never worked for me. Not possible to download anything. It just sort of jams. Maybe it’s just my computer but I can’t get music or vid files to download. They just hang there forever.

  8. I shall have to agree with Eduardo and ask you to reconsider cutting giga 2.52. I do like the new features in my experience with giga 3.01.006 and also liked the new features in 3.2.04. However I am a trader first and foremost, there are a lot of giga users who are such. We did not go to Facebook, MySpace or any other social network that was not what we were looking for. We wanted a secure p2p service were we controlled who we traded with and what we traded. When dealing with the different versions it became clear that v3.1 and v3.2 is no match, for a serious trader using 2.52. And by that I mean the fowling:
    1. When sharing over 1TB of files both 3.1 and 3.2 suffer great performance loss. V3 and v3.2 is no match for 2.52 in this area.
    2. When having over 500 users trading both 3.1 and 3.2 cannot keep track of users that are online as well as 2.52 can.
    3. When dealing with a large queue from many users 3.1 and 3.2 tends to lock up it cannot handle as near as much as 2.52
    And yes I have tried the versions with only other 3.1 and 3.2 users on a separate account. It did not change invisibility user issue or the issues of locking up with a large download folder. It also takes forever to read the external drives when the shares are over 1TB.
    I do see the market you are facing though. And I have no doubt that a good portion of your customers are looking for a social network type environment. So I suggest an alternative continue your investment in producing version 3.2, but also keep in mind what made you who you are and honor your original supporters by also keeping Version 2.52. If compatibility is issues that cannot be solved why not do as you do now separate the networks. You can do it with version 3.02.004 so I know it is in your discretion to do so. You could offer two types of service. You’re new Gigatribe V3.2 for a more social minded trader and the work horse for the hardcore trader V2.52. I for one would not be off put if 2.52 were only able to trade among other 2.52 users. After all the majority of my users use it anyway. I do love your hard and thank you for your time.

  9. I like Gigatribe EXCEPT !! the fact that they Allow PERVERTS !! to use this service to spread their Filth and Corruption to other members and when you tell Gigatribe to REMOVE !! the PERVERTS ,, Gigatribe does NOTHING !!!!

    • @Bill D

      We do understand your concern and:

      -We strongly believe in the Network neutrality (Internet neutrality)
      -We have no access to our users shared files and we only propose a tool to share files in a secure and private environment.
      If you find a user sharing illegal content (Child porn, terrorism..), the best way to make it stop is to gather evidences against this user and to contact the legal authority of your country. We’ll then assist them.

      Best Regards

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