Fresh “Private Area” improvements

We just updated the GigaTribe “Private Area” at You can now see all information about your profile.

A reminder: your Private Area is not only about profile information. This is a feature of GigaTribe where you can invite easily all your friends from your webmails (Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo!) and social networks (facebook, LinkedIn, flickr). In addition, it gives you the power to access remotely to your files stored on your computer, from anywhere, with any web browser.

Stay tuned, more to come on the next few days…

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Video streaming with GigaTribe!

Starting now, you can enjoy your movies from anywhere, at anytime.

DivX was a missing feature to stream videos; today it  is implemented in the private area and accessible from any web browsers. Thanks to DivX webplayer, GigaTribe users can play instantaneously their movies, with no delay and no need to download complete files.

Now, Remote Access supports all major multimedia formats (divx, avi, mpeg, wmv, asf, jpeg, gif, mp3…) to offer streaming directly from your GigaTribe.

Inviter tool available from the private area

Many of you are already using webmails or social networks to keep in touch with your friends: Live messenger, Gmail, facebook, linked in…

An invitation tool is now available to help you invite your existing contacts within your GigaTribe network.
To send invitation with that new tool, connect to the private area with your username and password, then click on the tab “Invite your friends”.

Spread the word about your GigaTribe user name, the more contacts you have the more files you can download!