About GigaTribe for Mac…

We described our roadmap many times (windows > mac > linux) so we are not going to write about this point again. But it’s a question that we have received many times on the blog: “What’s going on with the Mac version?”

GigaTribe 3 for Mac has been under development for several weeks, and the first alpha version is running pretty well. For now on, we need to fix an major bug that is causing multiple crashes.

Here at GigaTribe, we love the Mac, and we are eager to release the first beta before Christmas!
We hope our Mac users feel better now. GigaTribe for Mac is in progress and it is going well… stay tuned – coming soon to a Mac near you!

GigaTribe 3 RC… for next week

We announce the imminent availability of GigaTribe v3 Release Candidate.

This pre-beta version will be as close to a release as possible! This phase will be very important, so we are going to need your awesome testing and feedbacks to make sure it is as polished as it should be.

For now, you can download GigaTribe beta 3.10 here, or download the last stable version, GigaTribe 2.52 here.