GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate is Available!

GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate available

As part of the release process, tonight we’ve released GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate, a preview/testing package which, hopefully, is quite close to what will constitute the final GigaTribe 3 release. GigaTribe 3 Release Candidate is a public preview release intended for testing and community feedback.

New features and changes in this milestone:
– Many many bugs fixed
– Better stability and performance
– v2 preferences and downloads are back

Note for beta-testers: Your folders will all appears as new when upgrading to this version (blue text).

You can get a copy of GigaTribe 3 RC from our downloads page.

GigaTribe 3 RC… for next week

We announce the imminent availability of GigaTribe v3 Release Candidate.

This pre-beta version will be as close to a release as possible! This phase will be very important, so we are going to need your awesome testing and feedbacks to make sure it is as polished as it should be.

For now, you can download GigaTribe beta 3.10 here, or download the last stable version, GigaTribe 2.52 here.