GiGa.GG: folder transfer made easy thanks to GiGa.GG software.

Dear GIGa users,

We’re about to release a software to help you upload/download entire folders.
The Beta version is available here :




Number 1: Once the software is launched, a new icon (orange triangle) will appear in the systray.

Number 2: Right click on the new systray icon and select ‘Open GiGa’ to open your web browser. A new icon will be displayed next to your avatar picture. Refresh your browser if it does not show up.

Number 3: Click on the ‘My files’ menu to discover the files and folders saved on your computer.

Contact us through the customer service portal for any question:


Beta version 3.03 released

Beta version 3.03 is now available from the website download page or directly here :

There has been many improvements since version3.02, especially in the ‘Transfers’ tab.
Your comments are welcome on this blog.

For all thoose who are waiting for the Mac version, please be patient, we won’t release any Mac beta version until we have a final (not beta) version for Windows.