New GigaTribe Version 3.5.23 !

It’s official, a new version of Gigatribe is now available. It can be downloaded here on our homepage:
This version fixes many bugs and allows you to search for other users using #keywords. The keywords match the interests indicated by each user.
  • To enter your interests, edit your profile directly from the software and enter your keywords.
  • To find other users, click on a keyword from a profile page or go through the software’s user search.
















Feel free to send us your comments!

Happy sharing!

5 thoughts on “New GigaTribe Version 3.5.23 !

  1. After installing the new version (was 3.4 before) all open downloads disapeared from the program though the DL-directory is still configured correctly and all .state-files are still there. Also all chats are empty.

      • there’s more. When using the button to delete the inactive transfers the DL-list will loose all entries. They reappear after restart but still only those that where started with 3.05

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