Tribes are gone, long live to the keywords

The site, which used to allow you to join tribes – and also create your own – is no longer accessible: the server’s hard disk has totally broken down with no possibility of recovering its contents.
The data linked to the tribes and the members of the tribes has been saved but the gigatribehub website (the pages for tribe creation, search, invites, etc.) are lost unfortunately :-(.
Tribes allowed you to create lists of users according to areas of interest.
We decided to facilitate the search according to areas of interest, without having to go through tribes:
Each user will be able to indicate his or her own interests using keywords: #home-learning, #highschool, #JapaneseFilms, etc.
The choice of keywords and the search for users by keywords will be done directly within the Gigatribe software.
Each user will therefore be able to directly find new contacts that match his or her interests, without having to leave the software.
We hope that you enjoy this awesome new feature (precipitated by the loss of the server).
Very best regards,
The GigaTribe Team

8 thoughts on “Tribes are gone, long live to the keywords

  1. that is very sad to hear that the server has crashed.
    Where can I fill in the keywords?
    I have lost some contacts in my list, how can I recontact them?

    • The keywords are not available yet.
      They will be part of the next evolution of GigaTribe (version 4).
      It should be ready by summer.
      Thank you for your patience.

  2. So there is no way to connect with new people with our same interests till the summer when the new version is out? I’m surprised the powers that be in your company didn’t have more foresight to roll it out sooner!

  3. The new version is almost ready.
    We’ve spent more time than expected fixing bugs.
    A beta version including the bug fix is already available, the version with the keywords will be released in less than 30 days.
    Thank you for your patience.

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