Free 1-year unlimited access to GiGa

This time limited offer has ended on January 20th.

Dear Tribers,
We’ve developped a new online file-sharing service ( which will be available to everyone starting this January.

In order to thank all of the GigaTribe users who have made this development possible, we’re offering 1 year of unlimited access to all GigaTribe users.
Ultimate and Premium users will receive an extra bonus once the service goes live.


More information about GiGa is available here:

10 thoughts on “Free 1-year unlimited access to GiGa

  1. I am not happy at all. Free GiGa, isn’t the same as the current gigatribe. In the current one you can search your contacts files, if you are looking for something and actually chat with your contacts, ask questions and get to know them. Plus, I know many of my contacts who will just be giving up once the new GiGa goes live. So will have very few contacts to share with. Also having everyone on the “cloud” will make your files visible to strangers. I have paid Ultimate until June 2015, but I will likely leave giga and find another place to share and chat, once the switch is made. I have been a giga user for over 7 years and will miss it.

    • Dear Margaret,
      GiGa is different from GigaTribe and will not replace it. it’s two distinct products.
      We’re only offering a free year to the new product but you don’t have to join.

  2. ive tried to join up but when I put my pass and e.mail in I keep getting …these are already taken choose another.and there’s only me with that pass in gigatribe…so it wont let me not sure what to do now..ty ty ty.

    • You must already have created a GiGa username.
      If you can’t remember your password, we may erase your account so you can create it again.
      Please contact us at for advices.

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