Low bandwidth for VPN servers

Dear Tribers,

We just identified the reason why we were receiving complaints about the VPN connexion. Our provider had lowered the VPN bandwidth. Problem has now been solved and the bandwith should even be higher than before the incident.

We are gratefull to all the users who warned us and we will grant 100 GigaPoints to every user who has experienced VPN issue.

Best Regards


10 thoughts on “Low bandwidth for VPN servers

  1. I did have problems but because I am pretty new in here I didn’t realize that the reason of this could be found in your vpn connection!

  2. Would this explain why one is NOT connecting to most of one’s contacts ??? I have about 300 contacts and at any given time I can only connect to 2 or 3.

      • Oh well at least that explains why GigaTribe has been such PITA for me for the last several many many months. So now is it going to be fixed and GigaTribe will work like it use for me ???

      • We know the bandwidth is back to the regular level.
        Please contact customer support with details if you still have problem.

  3. Still having this problem and it’s not on my end otherwise I wouldn’t be sending this message.

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