Discover GiGa, the community cloud storage by GigaTribe

Dear Tribers,

We’re glad to present GiGa (, the encrypted files sharing network.
GiGa is a new service which lets you share files with friends through our servers.
While GigaTribe is great to give friends a direct access to your hard drives, GiGa will allow you to share files in the cloud.
This way, files are available 24/24, download speed is very fast, you can stream or download video from a web browser, you can create download links which are only available for your friends.
Use your GigaTribe login/password to connect to GiGa. Your contacts on GiGa are different from your contacts on GigaTribe so start inviting new GiGa friends once you’re logged in!
For now, the service is only available for GigaTribe members and for friends they will invite.
You get 500 GB of free storage and the there is no download limit during the Beta Test.

We hope you will enjoy GiGa as much as we do.
Email us you feedback here


2 thoughts on “Discover GiGa, the community cloud storage by GigaTribe

  1. Is this why my gigatribe now is slow? takes a long time to connect and the speed are less then a quarter of what they are normally.

    • GiGa servers (storage and processing) are different from GigaTribe servers. The only mutual server is the user database and GiGa sends very few request toward it.
      We’ll switch to another VPN server this monday if the problem remains.
      Thank you for your patience.

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