will close as we’re launching the new ‘Giga’ service!

Dear Tribers,

The new file sharing service ‘Giga’ will be launched this week!
For the coming months, ‘Giga’ will only be available to GigaTribe users and to people they will invite.
The test website will now be closed permanently as we’re preparing the new website.
The new website url will be announced this week!

Stay Tuned!

GigaTribe Team

20 thoughts on “ will close as we’re launching the new ‘Giga’ service!

  1. Since you launched the new service the VPN servers for gigatribe have been unstable and very slow. I’ve checked with users around the globe it is the same for everyone slow and unstable to the point cannot even open some users files please fix this and take the beta down if it is the cause its not what us ultimate users paid for thanks

    • Thank you for warning us.
      We’ve noticed the VPN needed to be restarted when it was getting slow.
      We just restarted it so everything should be fine by now.

      • thanks for the fast reply I rebooted giga and my vpn contacts are still slow a few are refusing to connect even though they are logged in so something is still not working I normally get 200kb/sec from vpn to vpn on a few contacts now its at 4kb/sec and cannot view there folders just get updating message

  2. yes 4 contacts now got my message and we rebooted still no change and same results direct connection is working but they cannot download from vpn guys now

  3. Vpn Servers now refuse to connect. Direct connection works but only with other direct connected users.And yes we have tried rebooting are giga accounts several times speeds and stability never improved.

      • VPN is connecting today. I am running 3.4.13. reset options and also did re-installed gigatribe removing user files in app data. I also have 2 users who have done the same. I even tested my connection it is checking out good. The vpn servers are still real slow to the point of not oping some users folders.speeds are slow for uploading and downloading all my vpn users report the same for their vpn contacts as well its not just me at all. They have rebooted and reset their gigatribes several time as I posted your messages to them.

      • Could you try connecting with a new GigaTribe user and check if you still have the same issue.
        From our end the overall bandwidth has not lowered.
        We’re still investigating.
        Thank you for your patience.

  4. Is why my gigatribe so slow? I run vpn ultimate too and 2 days now so slow I have done restarts and use new version still so slow. my friends say same so slow please fix thank you

    • GiGa servers (storage and processing) are different from GigaTribe servers. The only mutual server is the user database and GiGa sends very few request toward it.
      We’ll switch to another VPN server this monday if the problem remains.
      Thank you for your patience.

  5. I am using direct connection now, with direct connection I can download at normal speeds from other direct connected users but unable to download at all from VPN contacts however they can download from me at better speed then if I was also VPN connected. Not so sure you have issue with your VPN server, maybe it is the user data base as I see a lot of requesting and updating messages when looking or downloading from VPN connected users I had two guys also try the same as I did they had the same results so again its not just on my computer

    • Dear Williamson,

      You were right from the start: the problem was on our side and it was related to the server bandwith.
      Thank you very much for your great comments.
      Could you please confirm the situation is back to normal.

      Best regards

      • Yes it is a lot better already! Thank you for looking in too it 🙂

  6. This is not on! Ive been a Gigatribe member for almost 6 years and have not had so much trouble than i’ve had over the past few months! When are we going to be able to keep our contacts on with more consistency? I’m getting sick of restarting every 10 minutes!

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