GigaTribe: New Beta version 3.04.013

Dear users,

Debug features to fix screen freezes

GigaTribe happens to freeze after the login window.
This problem can happen when the Chat history is too big or when a file cannot be read (file name too long, corrupted file etc…).
Deleting the chat history or the corrupted file fixes this issue.

GigaTribe versions (3.4.13+) offer a new ‘Reset’ window available from the login screen. Open this window to apply the appropriate correction.



9 thoughts on “GigaTribe: New Beta version 3.04.013

  1. Help my giga do not want to log in. every time i get that the program is not responding!
    What can i do? i have alreddy instal the program new, but that dit not help! what can i try now?……..

  2. Bugs found in v13:
    1. any names with * in them eg *minky do not get copied in Copy address.
    eg. all you get is: “gigatribe:” when it should say “gigatribe://*minky

    2. The Blog no longer allows the gigatribe add user with message. (but a htm file does)
    “Gigatribe://frankiejay” will work fine when added as a url
    “Gigatribe://frankiejay:recommended by trubble” used to work as a Url, but now does nothing
    the optional message just kills the link somehow.
    (If you changed the : to another char, please inform me)

    3. Where do we find the other line commands for “gigatribe://” even google finds nothing.

      • Please take a look at my Gigatribe User list Blogger i have been writing, It uses the Blog feature to create shout links for all your connected users, and because you can blog to just specific groups, you can keep close friends in the loop and people you dont really know from another group, unaware of the friends you really have. it also shows what shares they have to share… eg mp3, Videos etc
        it is available here as full freeware.

  3. After watching the freezing behaviour of GT for quiet some time now I’m shure it has nothing to do with chat history or unreadable files.
    The problem occurs when ever someone from my friendlist connect ord disconnects from GT.
    How the freeze takes seems to be related to how many files I have marked for download. With lots of marked files the freeze takes longer. So in my opinion the problem lies in the routine, that checks for possible downloads of files from other friends. How about releasing a beta version with the possibility to disable that option? I don’t like it anyhow cause it opens the opportunity to destroy files in the exchange by setting up files with correct name, size and checksum but malformed content.

  4. I am having problems with my Gigatribe it does not work at my house but does at my moms so something to do with my internt but not sure what settings to change has nothing to do with my firewall PLEASE HELP ME

  5. I have connected to the New Version Of Giga Tribe – I can only see 1 contact on my group of 30
    I have reset – I have done all I need to do – Not a Happy person at the moment – please help

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