June 20 2013 – Scheduled maintenance

Dear users,

We will be performing scheduled maintenance for GigaTribe DataBase thursday (6/20) at 01:30 a.m. PST (6/20 10:30 a.m. GMT).
All our services will be temporarilly suspended for about two hours.
We anticipate that maintenance will conclude and that all services will be available by approximately 03:30 a.m. PST(6/20 12:30 p.m. GMT).

Thank you for your patience.

Best Regards

GigaTribe Team

4 thoughts on “June 20 2013 – Scheduled maintenance

  1. Somebody can’t get their time straight, 01:30 a.m. PST to 03:30 p.m. PST is not anywhere near two hrs. that’s more like 14 hrs, get your “am” and “pm” straight..

  2. michael, i presume….can’t get an answer anywhere i try…what’s going on with the gigatribe site…on all night last night til 1:00 a.m. this morning…all of the sudden everything freezes up and no contacts are online including me…your maintenance announcement made mention of just thursday night…friday morning…not 24 hours later…still can’t connect with my desktop icon or any other way…what’s up.?????

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