8 thoughts on “3.04.012 version released

  1. There seems to be a problem, With both this new version and the previous version,.
    Let me explain: Click on “All Contacts” Then click the Blog tab, Within a few seconds you will get “Gigatribe has stopped working” and you must shutdown…. > I thought perhaps it was just my computer, So I tried it on My other Computer with the same end results.. Both computers are running different versions of Gigatribe. > Gigatribe 3.04.012 build:6713 Which is the latest release.. & Gigatribe 3.04.009.build: 6238 > I thought I would bring this to your attention.

    • I should have included also that Sometimes it may take a few mins and/or scrolling can trigger it or users coming online or going offline, Perhaps this is part of a bigger problem folks are experiencing with Gigatribe.

  2. When will the fix for 3.04.0012 version be able to downloadable? I am having nothing but trouble with 3.04.0012!

  3. why you cannot longer minimize the start up window to tray while it’s connecting & reading folders? if you close the window now it stops the connecting process , that’s very irretating amd annoying because in older versions it did continue.

  4. I don’t see any improvement or difference with the previous version except for the annoying “Your download is delayed. You can’t download more than one file at a time”. If I knew that in first place, I would have not ever downloaded this version.

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