GigaTribe Beta 3.04.012

Dear Users,

A new beta version has been released. It will be test during one week and it will be very likely the next official version.

It fix:
– automatic connections issues (‘connecting’ state)
– A bug induced by VPN server reboot.

Click here to download

8 thoughts on “GigaTribe Beta 3.04.012

  1. Does it sort files properly finally?

    Even if you give a shit about that importance it is very important for the most of the users who want to browse files there annoying free.
    It’s been more than 2 years now since this bug appeared!!!

  2. Sorry to say, But I thought I would give this version a try, and I must say I have more troubles with it then I do the regular version, My contacts drop down to around 10 and seems to stay right around there when I know their is at least 80 of my contacts really online, Looks like this beta version needs work! I will be reloading the older version… Thanks you for trying but plz fix the connection issue before forcing it on us!

    • Hi Martha,
      Last week end, we had some issues with the connection between our VPN servers. A lot of user could not see their contacts connected. This problem has been solved monday.

  3. just an additionally note:

    Michael, please check the old version 3.1.006. This version was the last one which worked properly regarding sorting files.
    why you cannot implement working parts from older versions to the newer ones?

    • FInally, we have reproduced it.
      It seems this is a QT issues and indeed, with a old QT version (3.01.006 was compiled with this QT version), there was no issue.
      We are still investigating on this matter.

  4. Tribal is again very lastg few contacts for a few weeks and sometimes 80 then 25. On and off switch then contacts very difficult.

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